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March 4-5, 2009


Intercontinental Hotel
888 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

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2009 Sales 2.0 Knowledge Share Conference

When times are tough, the organizations that keep moving forward are those which deploy the right strategy and use the right tools to win more sales. Sales 2.0 technologies help forward-looking sales organizations improve lead management, accelerate the sales process, improve sales effectiveness, decrease costs, and enhance the customer experience.

Attendees at the Sales 2.0 Conference, held on March 4-5 learned how to deploy Sales 2.0 technologies to accelerate their sales in 2009. They gained valuable insights from VPs of Sales who have successfully implemented Sales 2.0 technologies in their sales organization.

Agenda topics includes:

  • How to Accelerate Sales in a 2.0 World
  • Sales Lead Management 2.0
  • Customer Engagement Strategies
  • Analytics and Compensation Management
  • Accelerating Productivity – New Sales 2.0 Tools
  • The Foundation of a Sales 2.0 Business

Attendees benefited from eye-opening presentations, candid conversations, and collaborative sessions all focused on helping them create their own Sales 2.0 success strategy. They walked away with practical ideas that their sales teams will benefit from immediately.

What Past Participants Say

Thanks for putting on a great conference. I was notified that I am being promoted to Vice-President of Sales for our company. I attribute a lot of my success to reading Selling Power and more specifically the learning from the Sales 2.0 conference. We have taken our efforts to a whole new level because of Sales 2.0. I have found the Sales 2.0 tools to be a great way to accelerate ones career. Since we have deployed Salesforce, Genius and now Ribbit, our sales and my career have taken a giant leap forward.
- Michael Maske, VP Sales, TransMotion Medical Inc.

The Sales 2.0 conference does an incredible job of getting an eclectic collection of Vice President’s of Sales together to share their time and their insights with each other.  Both the presentations and the networking were invaluable!
- Vice President Sales, Market2Lead

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