TIME June 20, 2011
7:00–8:15 am Registration and Breakfast – Exhibits Open
8:15–8:45 am Opening Remarks: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power
8:45–9:25 am Sales Innovation vs. Renovation
Enterprises are focused on securing sustained, profitable growth and are seeking improvements in sales to achieve objectives. Sales innovations are gaining substantial attention in social software, analytics, and in-line support for key selling processes as measures to help elevate performance. Innovation strategies, however, will have to become more concerted and organized for enterprises to acquire and institutionalize decisive gains effectively.
Speaker: Michael Dunne, Research Vice President, Gartner Research
9:25–10:00 am Adapting Your Selling Methodologies to Close the 21st Century Customer
In a world where sales leaders get their morning news on their iPad, then immediately flip over to their sales forecast, the old rules of sales and marketing no longer apply. Buyers have more information at their fingertips than ever before, and increasingly high expectations. Now more than ever, companies must redefine their sales and marketing practices to bring the right people, information, and resources to the right deals, at just the right time. In this keynote presentation, Keith Hontz, Vice President, Sales - Line of Business Solutions - East Region, SAP America, Inc. will discuss how SAP has evolved its go-to-market approach to manage this dramatic shift in dynamics between seller and buyer and address the specific needs of the Line of Business vs. IT. You will hear how sales and marketing executives are leveraging integrated analytics to unlock customer insights that reside across SAP's ecosystem – from suppliers, partners, customers, and employees – to make better decisions that increase sales and marketing effectiveness. Hontz will also discuss the impact of providing these insights on mobile platforms to ensure real-time collaboration, transparency, and visibility – and to ultimately accelerate sales cycles.
Speaker: Keith Hontz, Vice President, Sales - Line of Business Solutions - East Region, SAP America, Inc.
10:00–10:30 am Break – Exhibits Open
10:30–11:10 am Putting the Fan on the Field: A New Approach to Winning Over Your Customers
Over the past several decades, athletic franchises have successfully transformed spectator sports into mega experiences that put the fan at the center of the action. In doing so, they've grown their audience base and discovered new and extremely lucrative sources of revenue. Now savvy companies are taking a page out of the playbooks of America's most successful sports teams. Their effort to put the "fan on the field" represents a new and more sophisticated approach to customer interaction. And the results speak for themselves: heightened levels of customer loyalty, a stronger presence across social networks, faster growth, and an ability to capitalize on progressively larger opportunities. Join Chuck, Oracle CRM Vice President, as he rolls footage of today's winning companies and provides color commentary on the teams they are building and the plays they are running to take their game to the next level.
Speaker: Chuck Penfield, Vice President CRM On Demand, Oracle
11:10 am–12:10 pm From Strategy to Results: Building a Successful Sales 2.0 Blueprint
Getting ROI from Sales 2.0 requires more than single-solution implementations. To create a scalable transformation, company leaders need a blueprint with a clear vision and goals. What matters most is the impact that new solutions will have on the company's bottom line. This panel of leaders will share how their companies approached the decision to invest in Sales 2.0 technology, which departments were involved in defining the goals, what lessons they learned during integration, and best practices for ensuring utilization by the sales (and in some cases, marketing) team. You'll learn how they measure the ROI and maximize the impact of Sales 2.0 in their companies.
Moderator: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power
Panelists: Jennifer Rakiey, Sales Operations Manager, Mercury Computer Systems
Tom Scontras, VP, Sales & Marketing, Glance Networks
Andrew Gaffney, Editor, DemandGen Report
Kelly Molander, Director of Inside Sales and Sales Operations, Qvidian
12:10–1:10 pm Lunch – Exhibits Open
1:10–1:50 pm The New Metrics of Sales Success
In today's information-rich world, there are a wealth of sales metrics and data available to leaders in sales management. Smart sales leaders know that you can't change what you don't measure. The challenge is knowing which metrics you must monitor in order to continuously improve the performance of the sales team. Instant access to the right metrics gives sales leaders the information they need to make quick decisions to ensure they stay on track to meet quota. In this session Christopher Cabrera will discuss the key metrics for sales leaders to monitor to ensure sales success, and how to use that information to continuously improve the performance of the sales organization. Benefit from learning how to use data to make more informed decisions, and as a way to benchmark the progress of each sales rep, improve their performance and compensate reps more strategically.
Speaker: Chris Cabrera, Founder, President & CEO, Xactly Corporation
1:50–2:25 pm Sales Performance Management: How to Build and Maintain a Winning Sales Team
In this session, Kevin Purcell, Sales Transformation Leader at Hewlett Packard, will outline how to define and implement a process for holding your sales organization accountable for the established measures of success. Kevin will discuss the key areas that affect sales performance including hiring, on-boarding, training, performance management, and recognition. Benefit from learning strategies on how you can:
  • create a hiring profile and hire the behaviors to match it
  • put new hires through on-boarding in less than 45 days – and shorten their time to revenue
  • establish consistent metrics by role
  • go beyond the numbers for recognition and truly impact sales performance
Speaker: Kevin Purcell, ESSN Americas Sales Transformation Leader, Hewlett Packard
2:25–2:50 pm Break
2:50–3:35 pm Breakout Sessions:

A – Sales 2.0 Best Practices, Top Technologies and Implementation Strategies
In this session three leaders will reveal the key sales 2.0 investments they have made to keep their sales team at peak levels of performance. You'll get an inside look at how they were able to improve operational efficiency and also enable their sales reps to:
  • Find new prospects quickly and engage them in meaningful conversations
  • Streamline the contract process and close deals faster
  • Leverage social media information and industry news to find, qualify, and close more sales
The panelists will share their best practices for both evaluating and implementing a new sales 2.0 tool. You'll save time and money by learning from their successes and failures.

Moderator: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power
Panelists: Jason Miller, Inside Sales Director, Emptoris
Dawnn Harkness, IT Procurement Manager, United Natural Foods, Inc.
Jim Lane, Vice President, National Accounts CRM Solutions, UnitedHealthcare

B – Sales Training: Deploying Best Practices in Knowledge, Process and Technology to Consistently Hit Quota
Sales organizations remain under economic pressure to accomplish more with less, as companies worldwide endeavor to achieve and sustain post-recessionary profitability through top-line revenue growth. The result is often a larger investment in knowledge transfer, promulgation, and retention in order to arm sales talent with the skills and behaviors necessary to acquire larger customers within shorter selling cycles. With the advent of technologies enabling buyers with increasing insight into the sellers' products and competitors, the traditional strategies of bringing qualified prospects to a closed deal require a new set of contemporary skills among sales staff. In this session, you'll learn from 830 of your surveyed peers are achieving with best sales training practices to consistently hit their sales quota.
Speaker: Peter Ostrow, Research Director – Sales Effectiveness, Aberdeen Group | @peterostrow
3:40–4:15 pm Aligning Your Business with The Customer Experience
How would a customer describe their experience interacting with your company? Is it likely their description is consistent with yours? Where does the customer lifecycle really begin and end? Join Lisa Fiondella, Chief Customer Officer of Reed Construction Data on a journey through the customer experience.
The journey begins with early customer interactions channeled by marketing, through the ups and downs of sales engagement and finally to an active customer relationship. The highs and lows of customer engagement can be easily misunderstood and often create conflicting behaviors within the organization. A key component to improving customer engagement is making sure the company goals are clearly aligned with the needs of its customers. Leveraging the trials, tribulations, and successes of Reed Construction Data, this discussion provides relevant, real-world examples that will help you to better understand customer lifecycle dynamics and how to align your business strategy with your customer relationships.
Speaker: Lisa Fiondella, Chief Customer Officer, Reed Construction Data
4:15–5:00 pm Making Sense of Social Media, Social CRM & Customer Relationship Trends
There's been a lot of talk about Social CRM; is it an over-hyped trend or a development toward CRM solutions that provide real value to both sales organizations and their customers? In this keynote, Barton will define Social CRM, discuss new strategies in customer engagement, and provide insight on what to expect from Social CRM in 2011. He'll cut through vendor hype to make sense of this important new wave. You'll benefit from insights on new best practices, such as why it is critical to capture relevant input from social media channels to create comprehensive customer profiles. Barton will also discuss other emerging customer relationship trends over the next 10 years, based in part on the analysis and findings from the latest version of ISM's The Guide to CRM Automation.
Speaker: Barton Goldenberg, Founder & President, ISM
5:00 pm iPad Raffle Drawing – Get your 'passport card' at the Sales 2.0 Info Desk outside Room 302. To enter win visit all the Premier and Platinum Sponsors and return the completed 'passport card' at the Sales 2.0 Info Desk by 3:40 pm.
5:00–6:30 pm Cocktail & Networking Reception – sponsored by SAP
5:30 pm Winner Announced for Luxury Vacation at Palace Resorts – Drawing will take place at 5:30 pm next to the SAP booth.