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Monday, July 23, 2012
7:15–8:45 am
Registration and Breakfast – Exhibits Open
8:45–9:15 am Key Action-Items for Sales Management Success in 2012
Are you doing everything you can to empower your team to win in today's selling environment? Today's sales teams are dealing with demanding buyers who are more informed than ever. If your sales process is not aligned with the way B2B customers want to buy, your team is vulnerable to failure. In this keynote, Gerhard Gschwandtner will discuss the challenges sales leaders currently face; trends that are impacting sales management success; and what it takes to create sales teams in the new, social world of sales.
Speaker: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power
9:15–9:45 am Sales Transformation: Taking Your Team to the Next Level
Continuous improvement is a hallmark of the world's best selling organizations. At some point in their career, however, most sales leaders will find themselves in a situation that requires a significant, large-scale transformation of their sales force strategy and capabilities. The triggers that indicate the need for a major sales transformation can include customer-need and buying-process changes, changes in your company's product/service portfolio, competitive threats, acquisitions/mergers, and unresolved sales performance issues. Successfully transforming your sales force is a complex endeavor that must be executed in a way that avoids putting the company at further risk to competitive threats. In this session, Mike Moorman will explain the elements that lead to a successful sales force transformation and what you can do to facilitate effective change:
  • Determine the key drivers that must be addressed to achieve a large scale sales force transformation
  • Develop a road map for successful sales force transformations.
  • Uncover key barriers to success, common risks, and approaches to mitigate risk.
  • Hear example strategies and tactics to improve B2B sales performance.
  • Learn tactics that will assist with your 2012 goals to improve the results of your sales team.
Speaker: Mike Moorman, Managing Principal, ZS Associates
9:45–10:10 am Performance Drivers: Trends and Solutions To Help Your Team Win
To lead a successful sales organization, leaders must make improvements in three key areas: planning, prospecting, and productivity. Hear how new trends in sales planning are allowing teams to intelligently optimize their territory and incentive/compensation plans in order to see more consistent results, deliver more accurate forecasts, achieve quota, and drive more revenue. You'll also learn the latest tactics in leveraging technology and processes to quickly identify the best prospects, develop high-quality leads, and empower reps to close more wins.
Speaker: Chuck Penfield, Vice President, CRM Cloud Applications, Oracle
10:10–10:40 am
Morning Break – Exhibits Open
10:40–11:05 am Video-Based Communications: The Key to Improved Sales & Marketing Results
The companies that win are those that communicate best. They've successfully integrated the resources, processes, and technology to connect with prospects and customers in meaningful ways at every step of the marketing and sales funnel. In this session, you will learn new strategies that leading companies use to deliver sales and marketing messages that engage new prospects, break through the communications clutter, resonate with audiences, and drive revenue:
  • Leverage high-quality and impactful video messages at each stage of the buying cycle
  • Transform sales and marketing communications for higher impact, retention, and revenues
  • Align sales and marketing to adapt to the dramatic shift in B2B communications
  • Measure and constantly improve the results of your sales and marketing efforts
Speaker: Dave Fitzgerald, Executive Vice President, Brainshark
11:05–11:35 am The Future of Customer Relationships: How to Prepare for Success
In 2012 and beyond, social networking will continue to be integrated into daily business practices. Using examples from both B2B and B2C organizations, including Kraft Foods, ExxonMobil, AAA, and others, Barton Goldenberg will explain how companies are embracing the best of what social media has to offer to increase their sales and marketing reach – and influence key customer relationships. The secret to success is more than throwing up a corporate Facebook page or creating a corporate hash tag on Twitter. Learn the right way to incorporate social media into your business strategy, how to leverage social tools for to drive sales and marketing results, and how to make "social" a productive and critical component of your overall growth strategy.
Speaker: Barton Goldenberg, Founder & President, ISM
11:35 am–12:00 pm Delivering a Buying Experience That Increases Revenue and Customer Loyalty
Does your sales team deliver a rich customer experience at every connection with prospects and clients? It's very likely that either your reps or your customers (or both) are always on the go, which makes consistent communication challenging. And most customers expect the same experience every time they interact with your sales team. In this session, Todd McCormick will share simple ways to differentiate your sales team in today's highly competitive market. You'll learn how these tactics quickly turn prospects into lifelong customers and enthusiastic brand advocates. According to Frost & Sullivan, you'll walk away with tips to give your sales team a two- to five-year competitive advantage!
Speaker: Todd McCormick, Vice President, SMB Sales, PGi
12:00–1:00 pm
Lunch – Exhibits Open
1:00–1:45 pm Breakout Sessions

A – Sales Management: Using Science to Coach a Competitive Deal Review
Drawing from the new book, The New Power Base Selling: Lessons from 28,000 Sellers and 50,000 Deals, Holden President and Author Ryan Kubacki will present strategies that sales managers can use to coach repeatable sales performance. Research shows that high-performing sales reps leverage three intangibles – politics, unexpected value, and strategy – to win business and maximize value to their customers and companies. This session will walk you through how to coach a competitive deal review. You'll build critical insight, including the ability to coach your sales reps to develop these selling strengths:
  • Professionally leverage customer politics with new and advanced concepts and techniques.
  • Create unexpected value for customers to build new demand.
  • Formulate a complete strategy–and implement it with tactical precision.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and your competitive differentiation.
Speaker: Ryan Kubacki, CEO, Holden International

B – Make Your Mobile, Social Solution Top Gun
Companies that win and lose their deals while competing on the front line understand the importance of selecting the right mobile strategy. Your mobility program defines you in the eyes of the prospect – even before you say a word. Your "wingmen," those frontline managers tasked with ramping up new sellers while keeping the deals in the funnel moving, are being stretched to the point where they can't do everything effectively. In this session, Scott Eidle will discuss how to equip your frontline managers with a mobile, social solution to determine the effectiveness of your sellers and whether or not they should remain on your team.
Speaker: Scott "Maverick" Eidle, Director, Solutions Marketing, SAVO Group
1:55–2:40 pm Breakout Sessions

A – Motivating Your Sales Force with Gamification
Businesses of all sizes make massive investments of time and money in enterprise applications that promise to increase sales productivity, but they struggle to get employees to actually use them. Game designers, social networks, and the travel industry have known for years that if you want people to engage in programs, you have to satisfy their need for progress, achievement, competition, reputation, and rewards. Learn how you can apply these same game mechanics to increase usage of sales tools and drive behaviors that deliver business results.
Speaker: Brian Weimer, Sales Director, Bunchball

B – Trends That Will Impact Your Success: How Sales Leaders are Adapting to Sales 2.0
In this session, you will hear from a panel of sales leaders who will share the steps they have taken to ensure their sales teams remain successful in a rapidly changing and competitive selling environment. They will discuss tools and processes they use to identify and qualify targeted prospects, influence winning sales behaviors, motivate reps, and more. You will learn the trends that you should ignore and which ones will impact the future success of your sales team.
Moderator: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power
Panelists: Tony Murphy, Director, IT and Business Systems, Acme Packet
M. Jeffrey Hoffman, President, MJ Hoffman and Associates, LLC
David Gibson, Vice President, Marketing, Varonis
Daniel P. Strunk, Managing Director, Center for Sales Leadership, College of Commerce, DePaul University
2:40–3:05 pm
Afternoon Break – Exhibits Open
3:05–3:40 pm 5 Best Practices for Driving Strategic Initiatives and Change through Your Sales Force
According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, companies typically deliver only 63 percent of their strategy's financial performance potential. There is no shortage of great ideas sales leaders can use to annihilate their competition and blow past their targets. But if it were that easy, the average tenure of a sales leader would surely be more than 18 to 24 months. The fact is, executing sales strategy is difficult – very difficult. To succeed, sales leaders must make their strategies actionable, identifying the path from where the organization is now to where it needs to be tomorrow. And they need to drive change down to their frontline managers and reps. Your people need to know what to do and what to say to customers to drive a successful outcome. Then sales leaders need reps to execute with confidence and managers to coach effectively. In this presentation, we will share with you five high-value best practices that will help you drive the change necessary to execute your strategic initiative more effectively.
Speaker: David DiStefano, CEO, Richardson
3:40–4:05 pm Sales Productivity: How to Grow Bigger & Better Sales Forces
Many companies today are struggling to survive in an era of shrinking margins. As a result, sales leaders are under intense pressure to do more with less and get the most from existing resources. In this keynote, Kevin Purcell will reveal the strategic actions sales leaders can take to increase sales productivity and get the highest ROI from their sales forces. He will also share leadership and management tips such as these to help sales leaders establish long-term success:
  • Get the most from new hires in their initial three months on the job.
  • Hire the sales reps most likely to succeed in your selling environment.
  • Use pipeline metrics to improve forecast accuracy.
Speaker: Kevin Purcell, Sales Director, Hewlett-Packard
4:05–4:40 pm Buyer 2.0 – Why Social Networks and Sales Intelligence Improve Sales Rep Effectiveness
This panel of experts will discuss the evolution of Buyer 2.0 and how this has affected the ability of many reps to connect with and engage new prospects. While social networks have given reps a wealth of insight into who their customers are, they also create an overwhelming amount of information to sift through, and most reps still struggle with finding meaningful ways to connect with buyers online. Sales leaders have found that traditional sales methodologies haven't equipped reps with the skills they need to prospect effectively. In this session, you will learn how sales leaders have adapted their sales process and methodology as a response to this new buying behavior. The panelists will explain the key pitfalls to avoid, the definition of sales intelligence and why it's more important than ever, and best practices for using social networks and sales intelligence to impact revenue.
Moderator: Peter Ostrow, Vice President & Research Group Director, Customer Management/Sales Effectiveness, Aberdeen Group
Panelists: Kyle York, Chief Revenue Officer, Dyn
Barbara Giamanco, President, Social Centered Selling
Jonathan London, President, The Improved Performance Group
4:40–5:05 pm Five Proven Strategies from the World's Sales Leaders
Market growth remains slow or nonexistent in many major markets – yet some companies still manage to thrive. McKinsey recently asked 120 successful sales leaders to share their secrets for driving sales growth. In this presentation, McKinsey's Ben Vonwiller will share practical insights and real-world examples of ways companies are innovating, from predictive analytics to big data-driven market insight to new engagement models to relentless performance management and execution. The session will also uncover cutting-edge practices in digital sales and explore critical differences in the approach to developed versus emerging markets.
Speaker: Ben Vonwiller, Partner, McKinsey & Company
5:05–5:15 pm Closing Remarks
Speaker: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power
5:15–6:45 pm
Networking Reception