Header Twitter Sales 2.0 Conference

"Sales 2.0 is a class act."
-- Joseph Shamansh, CEO, IVAVI

"It was a good overview of perspectives, tools and approaches to the rapidly-evolving professions of selling and marketing."
-- Ron Snyder, President, Breakthrough Inc

"Here's what I love about this conference, it allows me to take a step outside of my day-to-day busy world, take a step backwards and view the world of sales from a different perspective, learn new technologies, hear about other success stories and take all of this information back and incorporate it into my world. Doing this a few times a year is priceless."
-- Lesley Dyer, Director, Global Sales Operations, Xsigo Systems

"My brain grew two sizes."
-- Cliff Clive, CEO, Edge Drives Growth Consulting

"Very interesting presentations and speakers. Thank you! "
-- Jessup Davis, Sales Manager, Inside Sales Team, Vertical Response

"The conference was very comprehensible for me; very user friendly. The language was on a level that I could easily understand and readily relate. Even though I am the only salesperson within the organization, I found a lot of info presented was useful."
-- Cheryll Lane, Manager, Foresight Productions

"As a first timer, I was wowed beyond my expectations. Classy, well orchestrated and incredibly informative. The bonus was the fabulous networking. Highly recommend!"
-- Barb Giamanco, CEO, Talent Builders Inc

"Speakers were of excellent caliber. The networking aspect was great! I could talk to every person I had wanted to. Would absolutely love to attend another."
-- Stephanie Pac, VP of Operations, Branded Research, LLC

"Love the energy of the event and participants – great event."
-- Lauro Romero, Director, Global IS Applications & Strategic Programs, Printronix, Inc.

"The conference was a perfect blend of cutting edge technology, great case studies, and valuable networking events."
-- Kurt Shaver, Founder, The Sales Foundry

"As an advanced social user- I did leave with new ideas- and a reconfirmation that Iím in the right business!"
-- Margaret Hernandez, Social Media Strategist & Manager, SocialMePlease.com

"I have been to two of the Selling Power hosted events, and after each one I come back to the office with new perspectives and ideas on how our organization can grow and improve. I also enjoy learning and networking with fellow sales leaders who are actively looking to improve their organization – a smart investment of my time."
-- Michael Weening, President, Business Wireless, Radio & Paging, Bell Mobility Inc.

"Just finished attending one of the most interesting conferences I've attended in years, the Sales 2.0 Conference."
-- Jeff Rozner, Director, Demand Gen., Palace Resorts

"The Sales 2.0 Conference is a good event for any sales or marketing professional who wants to share and learn about best practices. Sessions are many and varied, and I believe most attendees would take away enough gems to warrant the cost in time and money."
-- Adrian Hurel, Vice President of Sales, Americas, Helimedia Limited