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Thursday, June 7, 2012
Check-In, Breakfast, and Networking
9:15–9:45 The Impact of Sales 2.0 on Your Success: Essential Actions for Sales Management
Are you doing everything you can to empower your team to win in today's selling environment? If your sales cycle and sales process are not aligned with the way B2B customers want to buy, your team is vulnerable to failure. For sales managers, traditional selling skills and a mastery of the "art" of selling are no longer enough. In order to become a valuable asset, sales managers will need to embrace the "science" of selling and start tapping the power of online data, social networks, CRM, mobile technology, and more. In this keynote, Gerhard Gschwandtner will reveal the ways a sales manager's job description has changed and what it takes to create strong and resilient sales teams in the new, social world of sales.
Speaker: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power
9:45–10:15 Mega Trends: How to Create a Resilient Sales Culture
Mega Trends are global, sustained and macroeconomic forces that impact our world and a company's continued successful operation. Mega Trends have diverse meaning and impact for different industries, companies, and business executives. An understanding and analysis of Mega Trends and their implications are vital components of how you should develop future strategies within your company and sales organisation. In this keynote, you will gain an understanding of:
  • opportunities/threats arising out of future Mega Trends as they relate to sales effectiveness,
  • best practices to align future Mega Trends to your current vision and strategy,
  • opportunities to immediately take advantage of – or protect yourself from – changes that will result from Mega Trends,
  • how to align current strategies to the expected impact of future technology and needs of the "customer of the future."
Speaker: Dorman Followwill, Partner & Director, Europe, Israel, and Africa (EIA), Frost & Sullivan
10:15–10:45 Six Factors That Are Transforming B2B Sales in 2012
Do you know what the future of sales looks like? Demographics are shifting, the pace of change is accelerating, buyers are more informed, and the threshold for success has never been higher. Effective selling in a B2B world is a function of the salesperson's aptitude and attitude, but it is also increasingly driven by a need for contextual awareness, deep customer insight, and a recognition that, as the selling environment evolves, the only constant is that a focus on customer benefit must drive behavior. Six factors are transforming the B2B selling environment in 2012. In this session, Donal Daly will speak about how Social, Mobile, Sales Intelligence, Gamification, Modular Thinking, and Predictive Sales Analytics are impacting how we sell and will challenge you to think about what this means for your organization.
Speaker: Donal Daly, CEO, The TAS Group
Break & Networking
11:15–11:45 Strategic Leadership: Targeting the Right Prospects to Drive Sales Growth
For the past 17 years Colleen Honan has successfully managed sales professionals, sales processes and sales technology. Today she leads a global team of over 160 sales executives that has achieved double digit growth for the past three years. In this 'fireside chat' Colleen will share her secrets on leading a sales team through transitional periods, how to handle external pressures that affect the sales process, how to adapt to new customer buying behaviors, how to help your team engage prospects that are most likely to buy, and how to correctly implement and leverage technology solutions to increase sales revenues.
Speakers: Colleen Honan, Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Services, OneSource
Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power
11:45–12:15 The Science of Sales Performance
Are your underperforming reps not cut out for sales, ill prepared, and unfocused? Or do they struggle because they're not supported by a compelling and motivating compensation plan? Today's complex selling environment demands that sales leaders implement compensation and incentive plans geared toward achieving competitive levels of growth. Chris Cabrera will help sales leaders understand the behavioral science that motivates sales teams. He will also share tips based on proven research to help sales managers drive winning behaviors and develop focused, diligent reps who consistently reach quota. Instead of guessing what will motivate your team, you'll know the best rewards to get your reps to move the revenue needle.
Speaker: Chris Cabrera, Founder & CEO, Xactly Corporation
12:15–12:45 Five Proven Strategies from the World's Sales Leaders
Market growth remains slow or nonexistent in many major markets – yet some companies still manage to thrive. McKinsey recently asked 120 successful sales leaders to share their secrets for driving sales growth. In this presentation, McKinsey's Pär Edin will share practical insights and real-world examples of ways companies are innovating, from predictive analytics to big data-driven market insight to new engagement models to relentless performance management and execution. The session will also uncover cutting-edge practices in digital sales and explore critical differences in the approach to developed versus emerging markets.
Speaker: Pär Edin, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company
Lunch & Networking
13:50–14:30 Breakout Sessions

Breakout A – Leveraging New Tactics with ROI: Online, Social Media, and Gamification
In this session, you will learn how the latest developments in Sales 2.0 technology and social channels are impacting sales results. Laura Nuhaan will discuss ways that sales and marketing teams can engage more effectively with customers and increase customer intimacy through strategic, online lead generation and social selling. She will show specific examples of how to take advantage of social/online channels to help your team communicate with customers and key decision makers at the right time, with the right message. Scott Schnaars will give you an inside look at the cutting-edge tools, such as gamification, and explain how these solutions are being leveraged to motivate sales reps, improve sales behaviors, and keep your sales team on track to exceed quotas.
Speakers: Laura Nuhaan, Partner, The Andeta Group
Scott Schnaars, General Manager, EMEA, Badgeville

Breakout B – Transforming into a Dynamic B2B Sales Team
Business and customer relationships are changing more than ever. With the Web, social media, search, and digital marketing, customers are empowered and competition is fierce. The best B2B sales organizations are modifying how they sell in order to outsmart and outpace their competition, win as a team, and close more deals faster. Today, dynamic sales teams need to be highly productive, prepared and insightful, collaborative and connected, quick and mobile. In this session, you will learn about organizations that are making this transformation and how business applications like Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you become a dynamic sales team.
Speaker: Seth Patton, Senior Director, Marketing, Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Break & Networking
15:00–15:15 The Future of Sales & Marketing: How to Gain a Competitive Edge
Frost & Sullivan recently completed its 2012 worldwide survey of 564 sales executives. The executives were asked to identify their most pressing challenges for 2012. The survey reveals that sales executives continue to wrestle with a perennial issue: improving customer focus. Specifically, sales leaders must employ more effective tactics to generate high-quality leads, map their sales cycle to customers' purchasing behaviour, and incorporate customer feedback into their sales strategies. In this interactive session, Noel Anderson will present the key findings from the survey and find out what a panel of sales leaders think about the findings and what they mean for a sales team looking to grow its business in the current environment.
Speaker: Noel Anderson, Vice President, Growth Partnership Services, Europe, Israel, and Africa, Frost & Sullivan
15:15–15:30 Sales & Marketing Alignment Trends and Strategies
Changes in B2B customer behavior has affected the way companies interact and communicate with prospects. Marketing is moving further in the sales funnel than ever before, and that demands a different way of collaboration between sales and marketing teams to successfully manage revenue growth. Laura Nuhaan will present the key findings of the Andeta Sales & Marketing Alignment Study of 2012. You'll understand the key benchmarks for true sales and marketing alignment, as well as the critical importance of alignment between these two departments. Finally, she will share tactics that well-aligned companies use to achieve successful results.
Speaker: Laura Nuhaan, Partner, The Andeta Group
15:30–15:55 The Secret Sauce to Sales and Marketing Alignment: Drive Revenue and Achieve Explosive Growth
In this presentation, Fergus Gloster, Managing Director, Marketo EMEA Ltd and veteran of Sales 2.0 approach, explores the sales and marketing processes employed at Marketo to generate explosive growth. Learn how Marketo fuels this marketing and sales engine and compels resultswith content marketing, social media, and lead nurturing. Discover best practices, strategies and tactics, including:
  • The Sales 2.0 techniques Marketo utilizes to drive revenue growth
  • Demand generation and lead qualification processes that keep the pipeline full
  • Marketo’s process for handling sales opportunities, lead follow-up and lead recycling
  • Sales metrics needed to best measure results and optimize program success
Speaker: Fergus Gloster, Managing Director, Marketo EMEA Ltd
15:55–16:45 Key Action Items to Establish Sales & Marketing Success in 2012
This panel of experts will share the innovative and proven strategies that sales leaders are using to better qualify and target new business, align sales and marketing functions to achieve common goals, deploy sales-enablement tactics to improve overall sales performance, and more. You'll gain an understanding of how to impact your current sales goals and build a blueprint for continuous development and success.
Moderator: Noel Anderson, Vice President, Growth Partnership Services, Europe, Israel, and Africa, Frost & Sullivan
Panelists: Emlyn Middleton, Sales Director, GIL University/Frost & Sullivan
Laura Nuhaan, Partner, The Andeta Group
Alan Willis, Managing Director, Solutions for Sales
Fergus Gloster, Managing Director, Marketo EMEA Ltd
Christian Bernard, CEO, Bulldog Solutions International
16:45–17:10 Closing Remarks
Speaker: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power