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Emerging_Best_PracticesEmerging Best Practices for B2B Sales and Marketing

From Oct 2012 Sales & Marketing 2.0 Conference,
San Francisco
Building_Winning_Sales_TeamBuilding Highly Effective & Winning Sales Team: Four Action Steps

From March 2012 Sales Management 2.0 Conference,
Three_Ways_Improve_SalesThree Ways to Improve Sales

From June 2012 Sales & Marketing 2.0 Conference,

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Rob "Waldo" Waldman
Best-Selling Author & Sales Keynote Speaker,
Wingman Enterprises
Resources. Networking
Inspiration. Tactics.

During and after the conference, participants will be granted access to:
  • All presentations and materials covered at the conference
  • Over 20 white papers provided by sponsors, Selling Power, and Sales 2.0
  • Analyst reports provided by CSO Insights and Frost and Sullivan
"Very impressed. Was not sure what to expect, this being my first time. I was very pleased with the presentations, people and the vendors as well."

– Katie Lee, Business Development Manager,
Steelwedge Software Inc