Header Sales 2.0 Conference
Lauro Romero “Love the energy of the event
and participants – great event.”

– Lauro Romero, Director, Global IS Applications &
Strategic Programs, Printronix, Inc.
“I have been to two of the Selling Power hosted events, and after each one I come back to the office with new perspectives and ideas on how our organization can grow and improve. I also enjoy learning and networking with fellow sales leaders who are actively looking to improve their organization – a smart investment of my time.”

– Michael Weening, President, Business Wireless, Radio & Paging, Bell Mobility Inc.
"Speakers were of excellent caliber. The networking aspect was great! I could talk to every person I had wanted to. Would absolutely love to attend another."

– Stephanie Pac, VP of Operations, Branded Research, LLC
Stephanie Pac
“Enjoyed the conference alot, very productive and insightful, thank you!”

– Jessup Davis, Sales Manager, Inside Sales, Vertical Response, Inc.
“Once again, Sales 2.0 Conference did not disappoint. Looking forward to the next one.”

– Sam Sanderson, Manager, Sales Technology, Insperity
“The Sales 2.0 Conference is a good event for any sales or marketing professional who wants to share and learn about best practices. Sessions are many and varied, and I believe most attendees would take away enough gems to warrant the cost in time and money.”

– Adrian Hurel, Vice President of Sales, Americas, Helimedia Limited
Frank Dipuma
“The conference was jam packed with actionable content! I learned so
many things to take back to my organization. Now I just have to decide which to do first!”

– Frank Dipuma, SVP Sales and Strategy,
Zions Corporation
“I loved the 'Birds of a Feather' lunch. I also really enjoyed Mandy Cole from LivingSocial and Mark Roberge from HubSpot. I got great ideas from gamification and persona segmentation.I also liked Jon Gettinger and the buyer's journey concept. I like it when people talk about how they run their sales teams and what has worked for them and what has not.”

– Sarah Miller, Inside Sales Manager, Mitchell International
"Informative speakers with many ideas. A great way to spark creative ways to rethink sales."

– Bayne McDowell, Corporate Training Manager, United Rentals
Bayne McDowell