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Monday, March 5, 2012
7:00–8:45 am Registration & Networking Breakfast
8:45–9:15 am Managing Today's Sales Team: Creating Strength & Resilience
Are you doing everything you can to empower your team to win in today's selling environment? If your sales cycle and sales process are not aligned with the way B2B customers want to buy, your team is vulnerable to failure. For sales managers, traditional selling skills and a mastery of the "art" of selling are no longer enough. In order to become a valuable asset, sales managers will need to embrace the "science" of selling and start tapping the power of online data, social networks, CRM, mobile technology, and more. In this keynote, Gerhard Gschwandtner will reveal the ways a sales manager's job description has changed and what it takes to create strong and resilient sales teams in the new, social world of sales.
Speaker: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power
9:15–9:45 am Analyzing the Business Value of a "Social" Strategy
Should organizations incorporate social networking into their sales and marketing strategies, or is that just a waste of employees' precious time? Using examples from B2B organizations, including Kraft Foods, ExxonMobil, AAA, and others, Barton will explain why the answer to this question is undoubtedly yes. In 2012, social networking will continue to develop and be integrated into daily business practices. And as mobile devices and applications make their way into the enterprise, so will social-networking practices, as more individuals find social networking an extremely efficient medium to communicate and share information. Barton will share how companies are embracing the best of what social networking has to offer to increase their sales and marketing reach – and it's much more than simply throwing up a corporate Facebook page or creating a corporate hash tag on Twitter. Learn the right way to incorporate social media into your business strategy, how you can fully integrate social-networking efforts with an overall initiative for both sales and marketing, and how you can make "social" a productive and critical component of your overall sales growth.
Speaker: Barton Goldenberg, Founder & President, ISM
9:45–10:15 am The Customer and YOU – How the Winners Are Defined by Superior Customer Experience
As global competition increases, products commoditize quicker and pricing pressure grows, how can companies create a truly sustainable source of differentiation? The answer is superior customer experience (CX). Kirk Mosher, VP, CX, CRM & eCommerce Product Marketing at Oracle, will explore what defines a superior customer experience (CX), why leading companies are investing in customer experience solutions that enrich all interactions between a customer and your company, and how customer experience drives measurable business results across the customer lifecycle by accelerating customer acquisition, maximizing customer retention, improving operational efficiency and increasing total sales.
Speaker: Kirk Mosher, Vice President, CRM Product Marketing, Oracle
10:15–10:50 am BREAK
10:50–11:25 am What Managers Do: The Elements of a Successful Sales Culture
A successful sales culture is not an end goal but a constantly moving target. Sales managers must continually revisit and improve some basic building blocks, including a common mission, shared language, disciplined collaboration, and a sense of urgency. Based on his experience of training and coaching more than 30,000 sellers and managers globally and across all verticals, Steve Bookbinder will share sales management trends, typical weaknesses, and winning strategies for the future. He will also reveal ways to reinforce a successful sales culture through training, coaching, and best practices.
Speaker: Steve Bookbinder, Cofounder & CEO, Digital Media Training
11:25 am–12:00 pm Building Social Business into the Fabric of Your Sales Organization
Is social business the answer to all of your sales team's problems? No. But if you're looking to differentiate yourself from your competition and improve sales productivity, then social business certainly offers significant and real opportunity to make an impact. Only the most agile and resourceful sales and sales-operations teams will be able to capitalize on these opportunities. Michael Gerard, from IDC's Sales Advisory Practice, will share the latest insight from IDC's annual buyer-experience study as it pertains to social business; describe how to operationalize social business from a sales-operations and strategy perspective; and present how best-in-class sales teams are using social business to tap into tribal knowledge, improve sales enablement, and better connect with customers and prospects.
Speaker: Michael Gerard, Program Vice President, Sales Advisory Practice, IDC
12:00–12:30 pm Scientific Selling, Creating High-Performance Sales Teams through Applied Psychology & Testing
Today's dynamic business environment poses two major challenges for sales leaders – how to hire the right sales talent and how to retain them for long-term success. The role of sales has transformed over time, and building a high-performance team means flawless selection and training. Learn how to apply concrete science to demystify sales success and drive the sales performance of your entire team. In this content-rich session, you'll gain clarity and insight on how human analytics are used in sales management to increase sales results, consistency, and sustainability through science. This session includes
  • Scientific selling – what is it?
  • Insight into the transformation of the role of selling
  • Top 9 trends in selling today
  • How to leverage science to hire, select, train & retain
  • Where to start to build a high-performance sales team in 2012
Speaker: Nancy Martini, CEO, PI Worldwide
12:30–1:20 pm LUNCH
1:30–2:10 pm Breakout Sessions

A – Face-to-Face in a Sales 2.0 World
Over the past several years, companies have hunkered down to survive the recession, reducing costs and making strategic investments in operational efficiencies. Though these technologies were intended to free up people's time, they have accomplished this objective at the expense of relationships – the real fuel in any business engine. Fortunately, today's savvy enterprise has the unprecedented opportunity to skyrocket its profitability by empowering sales and marketing with tools aligned to their aggressive revenue goals. In this breakout session, PGi VP of Sales Todd McCormick will discuss what can happen to your numbers when you use technology that puts the human back into the business equation.
Speaker: Todd McCormick, Vice President, Sales, PGi

B – Moving Customers Forward: Presentation to Interaction
The most successful sales professionals rely on positive relationships with clients and prospects. At the foundation of these positive relationships is communication. Communication has evolved in such a way that face-to-face interaction and dealings over a handshake have been replaced by email, Web, or phone exchanges. The personal connection is often lost in translation or interpretation over email, text, or phone. Previously, the alternative to keeping in personal touch with clients and prospects has been to arrange often-costly trips to present to clients. With the advent of video-collaboration tools, salespeople have the means to maintain the personal interaction necessary to drive sales and foster client relationships. This session will cover how to effectively use technology to engage clients and prospects, conduct product Webinars, and bring teams together in new, innovative, and exciting ways.
Speaker: Tom Clark, Executive Vice President, Watchitoo
2:10–2:50 pm BREAK
2:50–3:20 pm The DNA of a Winning Sales Team
Todayís very best sales organizations realize that creating a winning team begins with and ends with the customer. Managing and measuring the lagging indicators just doesnít work when the goal is to drive sales through performance improvement. Capturing customer insights to customize value propositions and align marketing support is essential. Developing best practice sales process, competency-based profiles, and performance tools and properly set sales goals and incentives are obvious pillars to creating a winning team. Training and coaching are fuel that powers the sales organizationís engine. So what is missing? The emerging best practice of using verifiable outcomes. Verifiable outcomes are leading indicators of future achievement and they differ from sales results of past performance. The challenge for sales managers is to pinpoint the areas that are Indicators of customer engagement that change conversations and behavior and lead to enduring impact on business results.
Speaker: David DiStefano, President & Chief Executive Officer, Richardson
3:20–4:00 pm Partners in Success: How (and Why) Sales and Marketing Are Working More Closely Than Ever
Thanks to demand generation and social media, sales and marketing are no longer silos within an organization (we hope). Templates, messaging, content, collateral material – and leads – are provided for the sales team, and feedback to the marketing department only improves the two-way dialogue. Take a more active role in your company's marketing efforts by learning more about marketing processes and bringing that intelligence back to the sales team. Further, the reliance on content marketing to drive engagement with customers and prospects has created an unstoppable machine that constantly needs to be fed with fresh content. This has unleashed an opportunity for salespeople to create and publish their own content – thereby becoming thought leaders and solutions providers – which assists in demand generation, garners trust from clients, and speeds up the deal-closing process. Wengroff will share research findings, best practices, and guidance on finding the right balance of marketing resources and harnessing content marketing and social media to become a thought leader and trusted advisor.
Speaker: Jake Wengroff, Global Director, Social Media Strategy and Research, Frost & Sullivan
4:00–4:45 pm Sales Management 2.0: What It Means to Be a Great Sales Leader Today
This panel of sales leaders and industry experts will discuss the evolving role of a world-class sales leader. They will share insights on the key ways you should adapt your management style, which new trends to incorporate into your daily management practice – and which ones to avoid – and how to be an effective leader for the Gen Y sales professionals on your team. Panelists will also discuss how technology can help you monitor and influence sales performance.
Moderator: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power
Panelists: Michael Nelson, Vice President, Sales, ON24
Nancy Martini, President & CEO, PI Worldwide
Kimberly Senior, Executive Director, Professional Development, AT&T
Patrick Sweeney, President, Caliper
4:45–5:00 pm Concluding Remarks (Winner of iMeet / Sales 2.0 Pitch Contest announced)
Speaker: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power
5:00–6:30 pm Cocktail Reception – Sponsored by Watchitoo