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Monday, November 14, 2011
3:45–6:30 pm The Future of Sales Management: Key Essentials for Success Get Details >>
Tuesday, November 15, 2011
7:00–8:15 am Registration & Networking Breakfast
8:25–8:45 am Sales Strategies and Opportunities in a Social & Mobile World
Social and mobile tools have radically changed how we relate, communicate, and conduct business. If you're unclear about how to approach social media, picture your office watercooler going global, enabling conversations in real time, 24/7. In this keynote, Gerhard will walk you through the shifts that will determine your business in the next two to three years. Using social and mobile tools is no longer a choice but a reality, and as a leader, it's up to you to make smart decisions about where and how to use them strategically. Benefit from industry insight on how social and mobile tools will advance your sales and marketing effectiveness.
Speaker: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power
8:45–9:15 am Welcome to Sales for the Social Enterprise
Sales organizations all over the world are grappling with the social revolution: how to turn the rise of social networks and explosion of social information into a competitive sales advantage. Sales teams that incorporate social insights into the sales process and leverage social technologies to collaborate are pulling ahead, while reps who stick with traditional methods are falling behind. In this session, you'll see how sales teams are using the Sales Cloud to connect with customers – from complete up-to-date account information to social insights, all in one place and from any device. You'll also learn best practices for sales within a social enterprise and hear success stories from the world's most progressive and successful sales organizations.
Speaker: Scott Holden, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Sales Cloud, Salesforce
9:15–9:45 am How Social Media Impacts Sales Effectiveness & Customer Engagement
In the past year, social media has proven to be a very powerful sales tool. In addition to finding fresh prospects, social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and SlideShare are fertile breeding grounds for public opinion, where you can learn what customers and prospects are saying and thinking about your company, products, and industry. Engagement can now be as simple as learning that your existing customers have decided to share information on a social network without necessarily telling you. In this session, you will learn how and why social media is now a tool that can be leveraged to gain a significantly competitive advantage – for you, your sales team, and your company. You'll learn how to optimize LinkedIn profiles, participate in online discussions, and help your sales team use Twitter for leads that turn into closed deals. For business leaders in today's world, now is the time to master the new paths of customer engagement and collaboration.
Speaker: Jake Wengroff, Global Director, Social Media Strategy and Research, Frost & Sullivan
9:45–10:15 am BREAK
10:15–10:45 am Social Selling: What's Really in it for B2B Sales?
BtoB magazine reports that 93 percent of B2B companies are using social media for information gathering and sharing. While there have been several innovative use cases for social media in marketing, defining how the sales organization benefits from social selling has proven more elusive. Our session will highlight data-driven research on how buyers and sellers are engaging in social media and specific social selling tactics that your team can adopt to boost sales productivity. You will learn:
  • how social networks are disrupting the traditional rules of B2B selling
  • six fundamental steps for integrating "social" into your selling approach
  • how to apply social selling tactics for targeting accounts, gaining access to decision makers and building trust-based relationships
Speaker: Andrew Somosi, SVP, Marketing & Business Development, Lattice Engines
10:45–11:20 am Leadership Innovation: How & When to Evolve Your Sales Management Strategy
Technology and social communication tools have changed the way we create, foster, and maintain relationships. As more of the younger generation enters the workforce, how sales leaders approach recruiting, hiring, coaching, and compensation is impacted. In this session, Todd Usen will share how these trends have influenced his leadership style and strategic decisions about how to maintain an effective sales team. You'll learn ways to evaluate where technology makes an improvement and when a more traditional tactic is a better route to reach sales goals. This session will help you make smart decisions that will help your sales team evolve and grow.
Speaker: Todd Usen, SVP, United States, Smith & Nephew Advanced Surgical Devices Division
11:20–11:50 am New Ways to Align Sales & Marketing – How to Achieve Predictable, Scalable Revenue Growth
Achieving predictable, scalable revenue growth requires a well-designed strategy that ensures each rep knows what sales process to follow in order to reach his or her goal. In this session, Mark Roberge will explain four strategies he leverages at HubSpot to achieve predictable, scalable revenue growth. You'll benefit from a better understanding of how to
  • hire the same type of salesperson who will be successful in your organization
  • train all salespeople in the same way
  • provide each rep with the same quantity and quality of leads
  • organize sales and marketing so each rep works the leads using the same process
Speaker: Mark Roberge, Vice President, Sales, HubSpot
11:50 am–12:20 pm Inside Secrets on LinkedIn from LinkedIn
Learn firsthand the best practices about using LinkedIn for sales from none other than LinkedIn itself. Brian Frank, Global Head of Sales Operations and Managing Director of Sales Solutions will be revealing the inside tips, techniques and best practices about how to really make LinkedIn work for you and your sales organization. The session will cover best practices for sales intelligence, direct marketing and sales recruiting using LinkedIn.
Speaker: Brian Frank, Head of Global Sales Operations, LinkedIn
12:20–1:15 pm LUNCH
1:15–2:00 pm Breakout Sessions

A – Face to Face in a Sales 2.0 World
Over the past several years, companies have hunkered down to survive the recession, reducing costs and making strategic investments in operational efficiencies. Though these technologies were intended to free up people's time, they have accomplished this objective at the expense of relationships – the real fuel in any business engine. Fortunately, today's savvy enterprise has the unprecedented opportunity to skyrocket its profitability by empowering Sales and Marketing with tools aligned to their aggressive revenue goals. In this breakout session, PGi VP of Sales Todd McCormick will discuss what can happen to your numbers when you use technology that puts the human back into the business equation.
Speaker: Todd McCormick, Vice President, Sales, PGi

B – Sales Meets Social: Identifying & Reaching High-Profile Prospects
Social media has disrupted traditional B2B selling, thereby increasing the critical need for salespeople to change their approach. Too often there is a gap in how buyers now buy and the way salespeople continue to sell. Random approaches and one-size-fits-all sales tactics waste time and go nowhere. In today's social selling world, target and focus is critical. Selling to everyone is selling to no one. In this session, you will learn how to identify and reach your high-profile prospects, including how
  • leverage social tools like LinkedIn to generate leads with the right buyers
  • the right questions before engaging and engage at the right time
  • identify the relevant decision maker before investing sales time
  • demonstrate the traits of trusted advisor in advance of sales opportunities
Speaker: Barbara Giamanco, CEO, Talent Builders Inc.
2:05–2:50 pm Breakout Sessions

A – Why Social Technology is Central to your Reps' Productivity
Do you know how your sales reps are spending their time? Chances are it's less and less on actually selling and more on administrative tasks. In fact, it's generally understood that most reps, on average, spend less than 20% of their day in front of customers.
So, how do you improve your team's productivity before and after the pitch? From pulling together internal stakeholders to finding the right piece of collateral, we'll explore how social business software is helping to optimize activities pre and post-sale, helping you close deals that much faster.
In this session, you will
  • learn how collaboration software has become an essential part of the social selling toolkit
  • see how real sales organizations are arming their teams with social collaboration tools
  • find out how to turn your sales people into producers of knowledge, not just consumers
Speaker: Daniel Kube, Vice President, IGLOO Software

B – Connecting with Today's Prospect: Strategies for Success with Social CRM, Mobile Tools & Social Media
Every sale begins with a connection. Companies today need more efficient ways of getting and staying connected to customers in order to ensure future success and growth. With the rapid rise in the use of social media and mobile devices, sales and marketing leaders are overwhelmed by the plethora of applications, processes, and tools to engage their customers. In this session, Jon Ferrara will discuss the trends in social media, share best practices for using social and mobile tools, and show how successful organizations use social and mobile media to leapfrog their competition.
Speaker: Jon Ferrara, Founder & CEO, Nimble
2:50–3:35 pm BREAK
3:35–4:00 pm The Impact of Social Media on Sales: Lessons – and Metrics – from Large & Small Companies
With more and more customers using social media to gather information about products and communicate with vendors, many companies are trying to figure out how social tools can be used most effectively to meet the needs of the new online customer. Anneke Seley, CEO of Phone Works and author of Sales 2.0, moderates a panel of sales and marketing executives who share not only their experiences but also their ROI and other metrics.
Moderator: Anneke Seley, Founder & CEO, Phone Works
Panelists: Rini Das, CEO, PAKRA
Douglas Hannan, Business Unit Executive, Marketing, Inside Sales, IBM North America
Darren Suomi, Vice President, Sales, HootSuite
4:00–4:35 pm Social Selling: Rising Above the Noise to Get an Inside Edge
Social media is changing how customers interact with enterprises and how they buy. Customers' social media conversations with peers are creating Big Data. For marketing and sales reps, making sense of all of this data is overwhelming. Winning sales organizations are getting an edge over their competitors by harnessing this Big Data and the changing customer behavior to their advantage–to find and qualify leads, engage and convertopportunities, and renew/upsell their accounts. Learn from a panel of thought-leaders on how to drivemarketing and sales performance using social selling.
Moderator: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power
Panelist: Michael Lodato, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Network Hardware Resale
Pelin Thorogood, Managing Partner, Schulman+Thorogood Group
Ralf VonSosen, Vice President, Marketing, InsideView
4:35–5:05 pm Sales & Marketing Strategies for Growth-Oriented Organizations
Trends in social media and mobile technology offer sales and marketing executives a unique opportunity to connect with prospects and rapidly grow sales revenue. No one knows this more than Jeff Hayzlett, the former CMO of Kodak and proven visionary in leveraging social tools to drive interest, generate leads, and close deals. In this session, he explains the selling opportunities your team could easily leverage through social channels. He'll discuss the key areas where marketing and sales can create revenue-driving strategies that capture today's customer. This session will deliver action items for today and a sneak peak at how you can get ahead of trends that will affect your business tomorrow.
Speaker: Jeff Hayzlett, Best-Selling Author of The Mirror Test, Celebrity CMO, Cowboy
5:05–6:45 pm Reception & Ceremony – Winner of the iMeet / Sales 2.0 Pitch Contest will be announced.