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Technology & Cold Calling: A Sales 2.0 Story

When you give a Sales 2.0 tool like ConnectAndSell to a rep who can’t think on his or her feet, you quickly separate the A players from the rest of the pack. Said Gerhard Gschwandtner during this Boston Sales 2.0 … Continue reading

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Conversations About Selling

What kinds of conversations will happen about selling on March 7 & 8 at the Sales 2.0 Conference? If past events are any indication, there will be a major focus on three aspects of organizational success: people, process, and technology. … Continue reading

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The Death of Functional Silos and Company Hierarchies

“Functional silos and company hierarchies are breaking down. We need to be prepared.” That’s a key takeaway fromĀ expert Miles Austin, following the March 2010 Sales 2.0 Conference. As usual, Austin put his finger on a major trend in the … Continue reading

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Does the Internet Distract From Real Work? (And Other Leadership Questions)

Why did we invite Michael Weening, Vice President of Business Wireless at Bell Mobility (Canada) to speak at the upcoming Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco? We’ve heard him speak at events like the Sales Leadership Conference, which is how … Continue reading

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Your To-Do List: Register for Sales 2.0, Get Bonus Materials, Feel Like a Boss

The dates for the next Sales 2.0 Conference are set for March 7-8, in San Francisco! Early-bird registration rates start tomorrow, January 20 and run until February 16. Registration also comes with these two totally free bonus materials: 2010 Key … Continue reading

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Connecting With Folks in the Social Sphere in New & Exciting Ways (Sort Of)

Clever video from about the perils of inserting social media messaging where it doesn’t belong. Because no one at a funeral wants to hear about the amazing powers of Goji berries. Hat tip to @abraham!

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