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Sales 2.0 Solution: The Value of Relationships

There’s no question that selling is all about relationships. Not too long ago, sales relationships used to live on index cards in personal Rolodexes. The better the rep, the bigger the Rolodex. Today, not even the largest rolling wheel of index … Continue reading

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Sales 2.0 Solution: How Many Cold Calls Can You Make in One Day?

When revenue depends on how many calls a sales rep can make in a day, time is money. Anyone who saw The Pursuit of Happyness might remember how the main character, Chris Gardner, worked desperately to squeeze extra minutes and … Continue reading

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Five Keys to Increasing Renewals and Repeat Business

by Jeff Weinberger When I signed up for the upcoming Sales 2.0 Conference, one of the questions on the registration form was, “What is the biggest issue you face in your sales organization?” One of the options for the answer … Continue reading

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