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Expert Tips to Hire the Best Salesperson

By Jamie Crosbie Like many things in life, it’s not necessarily simple to hire the best salespeople. Good hiring practices don’t just happen. Locating, recruiting, and hiring the best sales talent requires planning, ingenuity, and focused action. To thrive in … Continue reading

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How to Use Smart Sales Automation to Increase Customer Engagement

By Parth Thaker I read a terrifying stat that up to 63 percent of a sales rep’s time is spent on non-selling activities, like updating records in their CRMs. Couple that with needing 7-13 touchpoints before a prospect becomes a … Continue reading

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How Sales Enablement Drives Hyper Growth

By Elay Cohen The early Salesforce days were some of the best in my career. As Salesforce’s senior vice president, sales productivity, I saw us come together as a company under strong leadership and with a vision of creating and … Continue reading

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What Happens When Salespeople Struggle with the Big Questions?

By Ben Schemper It’s no secret top salespeople are driven by the need to perform at high levels. They have a target number to hit, and their job is to achieve it. Working to overcome challenges keeps them excited and … Continue reading

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Top Four Trends B2B Sales Leaders Must Address in 2019

By Scott Collins Do you want to capture more market share than your competitors? Then you need to stay on top of the ongoing, evolving, and emerging trends in not only sales, but also in customer buying. Here are four … Continue reading

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The Best Areas to Focus Your Sales Coaching Efforts

By Gabrielle Hughes The purpose of sales coaching is to get the absolute best performance from your salespeople – but coaching is a demanding job, and can overwhelm many sales managers. To help you stay focused, here are the key … Continue reading

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Who Are the Top 2019 CPQ Influencers?

By Gideon Thomas As the sales tech industry continues to evolve, so does the CPQ marketplace. Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) software is no longer considered a “nice-to-have,” but is now a “need-to-have” for businesses seeking every opportunity to increase revenue through more … Continue reading

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How to Really Get Full ROI from Sales Training

By Robert Kear Other than the costs associated with hiring top sales talent, a sales leader’s most significant investment will be training his or her team. According to data from the 2016 State of Sales Training report, published by ATD … Continue reading

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The Crucial Power of Visualization in CRM

By Nikolaus Kimla Sales and marketing professionals are so bombarded with data and information today we need technology to help us sort it all out. One powerful aid to that mission is visualization – simply because the mind processes visual … Continue reading

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How to Engage More Strategic Accounts as a Sales Development Team

By Ian Sullivan When I hear people refer to account-based marketing as the latest B2B trend, I can’t help but laugh. Sales teams have been targeting and selling to strategic accounts since day one. But what has changed in recent years … Continue reading

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