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How to Avoid Creating a Toxic Sales Culture

By C. Lee Smith Next to the talents of the people it employs, a company’s culture is its most important asset. Am I exaggerating? Think about it. Your workplace culture can liberate and inspire employees to unleash and fulfill their talents. … Continue reading

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Three Subtle Ways Sellers Benefit from Sales Negotiation Training

By David Bauders Recently, at the Sales 3.0 Conference in Philadelphia, PA, I spoke about the need to use a modern approach to sales negotiation training. (My company, SPA, was a Premier Sponsor.) A personal point of view of mine is … Continue reading

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These Three Directives Will Shape the Future of B2B Sales

By Nicole Terzic It’s no longer accurate to say social selling is the future of sales. Social selling was the future of sales…seven years ago. Today, it’s a ubiquitous strategy and arguably an industry standard. Today’s buyers don’t just prefer … Continue reading

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Three Steps to Foster Sustainable, Predictable Revenue Growth

By Kevin Higgins When the sales team is on track to reach quota, many sales leaders feel they can relax. This is an all-too-common trap. In fact, being on track to reach your total sales target isn’t a license to rest … Continue reading

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Four Tips to Help Salespeople Develop Their Selling Skills

By Alice Heiman At the Sales 3.0 Conference, we talk a lot about how technology is impacting the sales profession. One major upheaval is the waning patience B2B buyers have for salespeople who don’t have much to offer beyond basic transactional … Continue reading

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The Top Threat to Your Sales Success

By David Bauders Technology is growing faster, more powerful, and more embedded in our day-to-day lives – both personal and professional. We see this acutely in the sales profession, where artificial intelligence (AI) technology is being increasingly leveraged in sales … Continue reading

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Increase Your Sales Revenue by 50 Percent or More

By Alice Heiman At most companies I talk to, the leadership team wants enormous revenue growth. They don’t want to just grow by two percent, five percent, or even 10 percent. They want to increase by 25 percent, 30 percent, … Continue reading

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Why Marketing Should Never Man Trade Show Booths Alone

By Peter Gillett Conventional thinking says it’s marketing’s job to generate leads…so why have salespeople in the booth at a trade show? Here’s why. Today, with digital media, social media, and Web meetings, prospects and customers can hide behind the Internet. The days … Continue reading

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Six Mistakes You Should Always Avoid When Cold Calling

By Christine Harrington Today I want to help you avoid the mistakes I’ve made in cold calling. Mistake #1: Inconsistent Cold Calling When you’re inconsistent making cold calls, you’ll never become exceptional at it. It’s just like exercising – if … Continue reading

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Two Tips to Make Your Sales Force Amazing

By Gerhard Gschwandtner The advancement of technology is forcing the redefinition of the sales professional’s role in B2B selling. Recently I’ve read a variety of reports and articles detailing how technology – from artificial intelligence (AI) to automation – is … Continue reading

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