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Quick Insights from the Sales 3.0 Conference in San Francisco

This week in San Francisco we hosted hundreds of B2B sales leaders at the Sales 3.0 Conference. We learned a lot about how to balance technology with the human element of selling to help both customers and sales teams thrive. … Continue reading

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Here’s Why Social Media Is Not a Time Suck for Sales

By Alice Heiman You probably think you don’t have an hour every day for social media. You may see time on social media as a time suck. Instead, I encourage you to think about it as a necessary business activity. Staying … Continue reading

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The Art of Storytelling in Enterprise Sales

By Sharon Gillenwater The art of storytelling is suddenly everywhere. Recently, within the space of two weeks, I attended three different sold-out storytelling events. One was produced by The Moth and another was produced by Pop-Up Magazine, both of which … Continue reading

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New LinkedIn Sales Navigator Features You Should Know About

By Doug Camplejohn Today, more than 80 percent of the Forbes Cloud 100 use Sales Navigator to meet their revenue goals. The first ever Sales Navigator Q1 Release contains some compelling new features and updates, including: New Integrations with Oracle Sales Cloud, … Continue reading

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What Really Makes a Modern Salesperson?

By Anthony Iannarino The modern salesperson is not what you have been told. The modern salesperson isn’t digital. The modern salesperson isn’t a “social seller” either. Digital is a tool kit, and, that being true, it is no indication of what … Continue reading

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Everything You Need to Know about Your Sales Leadership Mindset

By Jim Cathcart What is a mindset anyway? Everyone talks about it, but some folks have no clue what you’re referring to. I define it as the point of view, perspective, or position from which one views the world. In … Continue reading

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The Real Leadership Secret to Developing Your Sales Team

By Alice Heiman This post is excerpted from “2 Things You Can Do To Ensure Your Success This Year” by Alice Heiman. You know how, on an airplane, the flight attendants tell you to secure your own oxygen mask before you … Continue reading

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Keeping Up with Emerging C-suite Job Titles: Which Matter Most?

By Sharon Gillenwater At the beginning of 2017, Ford Motor Company decided to take a leap of faith and create a new C-level position: chief brand officer. They hired brand expert Musa Tariq away from Apple, where he had been global … Continue reading

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How to Understand and Calculate Your Total Addressable Market

By Falon Fatemi Nearly all sales organizations struggle to accurately define their total addressable market (TAM) – the total annual revenue an organization can achieve with 100 percent market share. Usually, when calculating this number, sales and marketing executives take one of … Continue reading

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How to Convince a Customer You Really Care

By Jim Cathcart How do you convince a customer that you care about them and the value they will receive? The most convincing thing you can do is to truly care. Sounds simple, even simplistic – doesn’t it? I once … Continue reading

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