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Why Sales Needs to Be about More than Just Revenue

By Jim Cathcart One pillar of Sales 3.0 is about cultivating a peak performance mindset by leveraging mindset science. What is the quality of your personal mindset? Moreover, how is your mindset blocking you from achieving success? At Sales 3.0 … Continue reading

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A Quick Guide to Understanding Virtual and Augmented Reality for Sales

By Kieran Wong Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are poised to change the way B2B sales and marketing organizations look at and interact with the world – literally. Last year was considered “Year Zero” of the virtual and augmented … Continue reading

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How to Get a Face-to-Face Meeting with Prospects

By Danny Wong A salesperson has to be the type who never takes “no” for an answer from prospects, but even the most hard-working and diligent professionals can get discouraged after hearing it so often. Sales calls have a tendency … Continue reading

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Sell More: Social Proof Your Sales Team

By Jim Regan We’ve all seen the statistics about social proof. Namely, 63 percent of consumers indicate they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews; people are more likely to leave a … Continue reading

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A Millennial Goes to the Sales 2.0 Conference in Philadelphia

By Chelsea Lovelace How did I end up at my first-ever Sales 2.0 Conference this week in Philadelphia? Twitter. I’m just starting my career in sales, and I use Twitter all the time to network with industry experts and learn … Continue reading

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Win Customer Advocates with a Community that Matters

By Andrew Field In the age of mobile technology – where we’re always on, always connected – customers are much more than customers. They aren’t looking at your marketing message. They certainly aren’t interested in your sales pitch. But they … Continue reading

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What Sales Organizations Need to Be the Best

By Kevin Higgins First, the bad news. On average, sales organizations are not improving. Four separate Fusion Learning surveys from 2008 to 2016 reveal that, across everything from selling skills to management, the average sales organization remains just that: average. … Continue reading

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How to Achieve Peak Performance in Sales

By Jamie Crosbie Peak performance is not reserved exclusively for world-class athletes, brilliant trauma surgeons, or steely-eyed Top Gun fighter pilots. The truth is that anyone can learn to achieve peak mental performance. It is a completely learnable skill for … Continue reading

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Three Ways to Empower Your Sales Reps in a Digital World

By Jennifer Stanley You could forgive the sales rep for feeling a little anxious these days. Artificial intelligence, digital advances, and radical new business models have all promised to fundamentally change the job of the sales rep or even eliminate certain … Continue reading

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Five Things We’ll Learn about the Evolution of Sales 3.0 in Philadelphia

On November 14, B2B sales leaders and experts will gather in Philadelphia for the Sales 2.0 Conference. This event will address “the evolution of Sales 3.0” and will provide managers, directors, and VPs of sales with sales operations strategies and … Continue reading

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