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How to Identify and Remove Hidden Mental Roadblocks with Peak Performance Mindset Training

By Jamie Crosbie They’re sneaky, aren’t they? I’m talking about the hidden mental roadblocks that sabotage your best intentions. The thing is, we may think we are really committed to reaching our goals – unaware that we face self-limiting thoughts … Continue reading

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That’s What Friends Do: Thoughts on Customer Loyalty

By Jim Cathcart There seems to be a prevailing mindset regarding customer loyalty: supposedly, it is something to seek. Sounds logical, but I disagree with that point of view.  We can never control whether customers are loyal to us – … Continue reading

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Transform Your Digital Era Sales with an Intelligent Lead-to-Cash Solution

By Swati Sinha Does your company suffer from siloed teams? Disconnected applications? Information scattered across business processes? All these problems can obstruct your ability to respond to ever-changing customer and market needs. Today’s buyers are sophisticated and in control, and they … Continue reading

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Here Is the Incredible Sales Enablement Plan Worth Billions

By Gerhard Gschwandtner After Elay Cohen was named Senior Vice President of Sales Productivity at Salesforce, he pulled off an amazing feat: He accelerated growth and turned a $500 million enterprise into a $3+ billion enterprise. That’s why we invited Cohen … Continue reading

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How to Become a High Priority to Your Prospect

By Christine Harrington During my prospecting calls this week, I examined all the different touchpoints necessary to stay a priority in the prospect’s mind. I encourage you to do the same. If you’re in sales, you have gaps. These gaps are … Continue reading

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Building Consensus with Buying Committees: How to Avoid a No-Decision Deal

By Sharon Gillenwater According to Harvard Business Review, the number of people involved in B2B solutions purchases grew from an average of 5.4 in 2015 to 6.8 in 2017. HBR also found that a typical solutions purchase is taking much longer … Continue reading

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16 Sales Prospecting Tips to Turn Your Quarter Around

By Scott Gilmore “Sales prospecting is the lifeblood of a sales organization.” Our founder, Tim Magwood, often said this. In my 20 plus years of sales prospecting experience, I’ve seen this statement hold true. Sales prospecting is key to replenishing your … Continue reading

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What Are You Really Paying Salespeople To Do?

By Jim Cathcart What are you paid to do? Everywhere you go, people will ask, “What do you do?” They want to know how to think about you. Are you a resource, a potential friend, a competitor, a threat? But, what … Continue reading

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How to Create an Effective Sales Playbook Using AI

By Rob Käll What is one truth about life that also applies to your sales playbook? Evolve or die. This may sound a little harsh, but your playbook is a living thing. If it doesn’t adapt to change, it won’t … Continue reading

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How Can You Predict If and When Customers Will Buy?

By Katie Bullard Most businesses now rely on data-driven decision making, and almost all companies collect customer data in some form. But in this ocean of data, which individual data points actually predict a customer’s intention to make a purchase? … Continue reading

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