Bruce Lee & the Art of Selling

This post was contributed by Jacob Morgan, Principal of Chess Media Group and an upcoming speaker at the October 17-18 Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. Find him on Twitter @JacobM.

When you think of selling what’s the first thing you think of?  Bruce Lee, right?

Ok, maybe not.  Still, Bruce Lee actually has quite a lot in common with modern-day selling.  One of Bruce Lee’s approaches towards martial arts was the idea of fighting without fighting, which can be adapted to the selling world as “selling without selling.”

Pretend you had to sell to Bruce Lee, but, if he felt like you were pitching or selling to him, he would get to kick you in the head.  All of a sudden your approach towards selling would be different. Now, instead of trying to sell, you will try to connect and build a relationship with Bruce. You will try to build trust.

For better or worse, trust is something that sales professionals are not necessarily known for. However, trust is crucial. There are still plenty of things sales professionals can do to build trust with their customers, even in the digital world. In my session at the Sales 2.0 Conference on October 18, I’ll explore what sales professionals can do to sell, build trust, and connect with people who believe what they believe — so that they can develop relationships with customers and “sell without selling.”

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