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The Crucial Power of Visualization in CRM

By Nikolaus Kimla Sales and marketing professionals are so bombarded with data and information today we need technology to help us sort it all out. One powerful aid to that mission is visualization – simply because the mind processes visual … Continue reading

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How to Build Genuine Connections with Your Prospects

By Greg Kelly Salespeople today are looking for ways to build genuine connection with contacts and prospects. However, they frequently lack the right tools to do so in a meaningful way. At the end of the day, salespeople can try … Continue reading

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What Machine Learning and AI Mean for the Sales Profession

By Shalini Mitha Machine learning is a hot buzzword now, but what could it actually mean for business and sales down the line? Will salespeople be replaced by Rosie from The Jetsons – or a more frightening HAL? Doubtful. But … Continue reading

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Three Good Habits to Practice with Your Sales Data

By Nina Huang You’ve all seen this pitch: Imagine a world where, with the swipe of a hand (à la Minority Report), a beautiful dashboard appears in full-color glory showing exactly where the business opportunity lies. You zoom in and there … Continue reading

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Which Is Better for Sales: Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Intelligence?

By Donal Daly Many sales leaders are hearing a lot about artificial intelligence and augmented intelligence. But how do you know which technology is the right choice to invest in for the long-term success of your sales organization? Let me … Continue reading

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Augmented Intelligence and the Future of Selling

By Greg Kaplan In today’s digital era, sales teams miss or beat their quotas by how they use their data. The problem with data, however, is that entering information into Salesforce has become a time drain for salespeople. As Bluewolf … Continue reading

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Four Bold Predictions about the Future of Selling and Sales 3.0

@gerhard20's five predictions for the next ten years:Prediction number 1#s30c #sales — Chelsea T Lovelace (@LovelaceladyCLE) May 1, 2017 Gerhard Gschwandtner, founder of Selling Power, made four bold predictions for the future of selling this morning at the Sales … Continue reading

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A Quick Guide to Understanding Virtual and Augmented Reality for Sales

By Kieran Wong Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are poised to change the way B2B sales and marketing organizations look at and interact with the world – literally. Last year was considered “Year Zero” of the virtual and augmented … Continue reading

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Three Ways Predictive Analytics Can Help You Achieve Higher Win Rates

By Niveditha Viswanathan Increasingly, sales organizations are adapting to the new, digital, mobile workforce. Almost every enterprise is jumping on the boat that is sailing toward a well-defined mobile and digital strategy. In this new world, data and predictive analytics … Continue reading

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Predictive Sales Analytics

By Kevin Brooks Predictive analytics is a major topic at industry conferences, but it is poorly understood by most sales leaders. In truth, it is poorly understood by most people, but – as the market for predictive sales analytics continues … Continue reading

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