Customer Satisfaction: The Best and Worst

At least one report from the BigIdeas Conference in Chicago indicates a growing industry focus on customer satisfaction and customer experience management

Selling Power magazine publisher Gerhard Gschwandtner gave high marks to Godard Abel (CEO of BigMachines) for his keynote address. According to Gschwandtner’s blog post, Abel cited some interesting stats about who is succeeding when it comes to relating and responding to their customers.

…. a University of Michigan study tracked customer-satisfaction ratings and showed that the following industries are leading in Customer Experience Management (CEM): food manufacturing, soft-drink manufacturing, Internet retail, express delivery, and automobiles. Godard cited Netflix and Amazon among the leading companies. The number one customer-satisfaction leader is Heinz.

The worst industries are wireless phone systems, network cable TV news, government, cable TV services, airlines, and newspapers. The company with the worst customer-satisfaction rating: United Airlines.

Godard also polled the audience to find out how many people had ever purchased anything from (all hands went up), and how many people had ever talked to a customer service rep at (two hands went up).

The lesson? Start paying attention to how and when your customers want to interact with you. Sometimes a conversation is less effective than a click online.

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