Does the Internet Distract From Real Work? (And Other Leadership Questions)

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Why did we invite Michael Weening, Vice President of Business Wireless at Bell Mobility (Canada) to speak at the upcoming Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco?

We’ve heard him speak at events like the Sales Leadership Conference, which is how we know that he’s the kind of leader who is constantly asking provocative questions in the name of moving forward and achieving success.

We’re also fans of Weening’s personal blog, where he meditates on subjects like leadership, sales management, and technology.  Last year he wrote a great post about the encroachment of technology on modern working life:

The notion of a workday for most professionals no longer exists. How many people check their email one last time before bed? Which is why, the notion of restricting what they do at work seems unfair. Sure, someone who is surfing to inappropriate websites or spending all their time updating their Facebook page needs to be addressed. But for someone who takes a break and does something on the net, is that bad? I don’t think so. HBR suggests that we need to encourage our employees to take a break. In a blog last week, it was suggested that companies should make their employees nap! An old boss of mine use to say ‘Great salespeople go see movies’. In other words, people need a break from the stress of the job (especially sales). After all, if they are watching too many movies or surfing the net too often, there is a simple way to figure that out … it is called the month end sales number.

At the Sales 2.0 Conference, Weening will share a case study (“The Essentials of Sales Transformation“) that will address how leaders can come up with the best strategy for keeping pace with evolving customer demands and rapid economic shifts (full session description below). This is a great chance to get targeted insight from an enterprise sales leader whose mindful approach to leadership has yielded a track record of big team wins.

To hold you over until the conference, check out two of our favorite posts from Weening’s blog here:
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Case Study: The Essentials of Sales Transformation
As a leader, how do you come up with the best strategy for keeping pace with evolving customer demands and rapid economic shifts? As VP of Business Sales of Bell Mobility, Inc., Michael Weening has developed proven ways to assess the revenue engines of a business and appraise and enhance existing capabilities within the sales organization. Weening has successfully completed company-wide sales transformation projects in high-growth companies. As a result, his sales teams have been able to adopt change successfully, deliver consistently on revenue goals, and fulfill the expectations of customers.
Michael is Bell Mobility’s President, Business Wireless, Radio & Paging. Michael is responsible for Bell’s National Wireless Business. Previously, Michael worked with Microsoft UK as Senior Director of the Communications Sector responsible for the Telecommunications and Media & Entertainment businesses, software and service channel and Mobility. Prior to moving to the UK, Michael was the Director of Microsoft’s Canadian Communications Sector business and a leader on the Financial Services team. Michael brings with him many years of experience in the communications and technology sector, having lead large enterprise sales organizations and SMB channel teams in North America and Internationally. Michael holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Brock.

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