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Four Bold Predictions about the Future of Selling and Sales 3.0

@gerhard20's five predictions for the next ten years:Prediction number 1#s30c #sales pic.twitter.com/k463nKdWqk — Chelsea T Lovelace (@LovelaceladyCLE) May 1, 2017 Gerhard Gschwandtner, founder of Selling Power, made four bold predictions for the future of selling this morning at the Sales … Continue reading

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Ditch Negativity to Achieve Peak Sales Performance: 4 Insights from the Sales 2.0 Conference in Boston

Did you know that each day we create 60,000 thoughts, and that a full 80% of those thoughts are negative? This is just one of the data points (that particular stat comes from the National Science Foundation) from our morning … Continue reading

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Leading Change in a Sales Organization

Change isn’t easy under any circumstances, but it can be especially tough for sales leaders to put their organizations on a new and better path. Although everyone in theory wants to improve, trusting change can be tricky. And large-scale change … Continue reading

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Survey: Are B2B Sales Teams on Board with “Buyer 2.0”?

According to TheStreet.com, e-commerce is among the top 10 fastest growing industries right now (IBISWorld predicts an increase of 9.4% in revenues in e-commerce through 2016). But how many B2B sales teams are actually actively courting “Buyer 2.0”? It’s a … Continue reading

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Do You Share Oracle’s Vision of “Predictive Analytics” for CRM?

Some great conversation about the potential of CRM is still percolating around the March 7-8 Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. In particular, we’re intrigued by questions generated by presentations from Justin Shriber, Regional Vice President of CRM On Demand … Continue reading

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Why Don’t We Say What We Mean?

What exactly is it about what you said (or didn’t say–listening is important!) that influenced whether or not you made the sale? In this fascinating and fun video, experimental psychologist and Harvard professor Steven Pinker explains how language influences our … Continue reading

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Buyers Have Little Time For Those Who Are Unprepared

Buyers have little time for salespeople who are unprepared. They want access to information in real time. When salespeople don’t have access to relevant information in real time, the window of opportunity will get slammed shut. — Sales & Marketing … Continue reading

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Living Up To Your Own Hype

Sales and marketing teams usually excel at the courtship stage of customer relationships, when they get to trumpet new features, designs, and promotions. But flash won’t help strengthen a relationship with a customer who experiences problems at other stages, like … Continue reading

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Customer Satisfaction: The Best and Worst

At least one report from the BigIdeas Conference in Chicago indicates a growing industry focus on customer satisfaction and customer experience management Selling Power magazine publisher Gerhard Gschwandtner gave high marks to Godard Abel (CEO of BigMachines) for his keynote … Continue reading

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