Technology Has Changed, Human Nature Hasn’t

One theme we’re seeing emerge at the Sales & Marketing 2.0 Conference today: Technology has changed, but human nature hasn’t.

That’s a quote from Peter Stewart, SVP Collaboration Technology Services at PGi (a company that brings people together through virtual meetings — every month, 15 million people use their services). In his keynote, “Collaboration 2.0,” Stewart pointed out that good things happen when we get together with another human being:

  • Trust is built
  • Relationships are formed
  • Deals are closed
  • Ideas take shape
  • Products are created
  • People are inspired

Stewart gave some great background on how people are using audio, Web, and video conferencing today, including common frustrations. Why don’t people enjoy conference calls? Maybe because no one can remember if it’s *6 to mute the call, or *8. Maybe for the same reason no one has conference calls with their families or friends — they’re just no fun. Clearly, this is something virtual meeting providers like PGi understand and are starting to respond to.

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