The Death of Functional Silos and Company Hierarchies

“Functional silos and company hierarchies are breaking down. We need to be prepared.”

That’s a key takeaway from expert Miles Austin, following the March 2010 Sales 2.0 Conference.

As usual, Austin put his finger on a major trend in the world of sales and selling: the growing importance of sales operations as a driver of revenue and efficiency for competitive organizations.

What steps should you be taking to position your team for success in this arena? We’ll explore this concept in detail during our morning session, “The Next-Generation Sales Operations Team,” on Monday, March 7, the first day of the upcoming Sales 2.0 Conference. Register to join us in San Francisco at our early bird rates and get in on the conversation.

The Next-Generation Sales Operations Team
The sales operations function will be the driving force for productivity improvements in 2011, however, significant organizational and structural changes will be required within these teams. In this session, Michael Gerard, VP of IDC’s Sales Advisory Practice, will share the steps needed within a sales organization to create a best-in-class sales operations function. Michael will provide best practices insight from sales operations teams at the technology industry’s largest and best-performing companies; a framework to help identify key weaknesses and gaps in your sales operation’s current structure; and essential guidance to enable the transition to the next-generation sales operations team.
Michael Gerard, VP, Sales Advisory Practice at IDC

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