The Unbearable Unfairness of Sales Forecasts

Time and again, sales forecasts are doomed thanks to blind optimism. Here’s how it happens. Sales manager asks rep how things are going. Rep says things are great. Sales manager asks if rep expects to close all his deals by the end of the quarter. Rep says absolutely. Meeting is adjourned. And a few months down the road, the numbers show that things weren’t quite on track, after all.

Many folks in the Sales 2.0 world would argue that this scenario is unfair to reps and to managers. Naturally, managers need to know how the team is performing. And of course reps want to paint a rosy picture of how they’re doing. They’re talking with the boss, they’re hoping for the best. And, hey — sales runs on optimism, right?

Actually for many organizations, sales is forgoing gut instinct and instead is being run on analytics and metrics. And data can make conversations about forecasts a whole lot easier. As Will Wieglar, CMO of The TAS Group explained in a recent video interview with Selling Power founder Gerhard Gschwandtner, what sales teams need is more intelligence.

“And by ‘intelligence,’ I don’t mean smarter reps,” Wieglar explains. “I mean objective intelligence.”

The TAS Group’s Dealmaker software helps sales teams do just that, by giving managers and reps a comprehensive overview of what’s happening with deals. Not just what stage the deals are in (although you can see that as well in Dealmaker), but what actions the sales rep has taken to move the deal forward.

As Wieglar explains, Dealmaker compares reps’ activities (has the rep aligned the selling process to the buyer’s buying process? has the rep identified key players and understood the criteria for selling to those players? etc.) against proven metrics to predict the probability that the rep will close this deal by x date.

At the Boston Sales 2.0 Conference on July 15, Jim Crisera from The TAS Group will discuss forecasts and much more during his presentation, “Predict and Manage Sales Success Using Smart Analytics.” A description of the presentation is below.

Join us in Boston and learn more about steps you can take to make your sales forecast a whole lot more predictable.

Registrations are still open for our Boston event! Sign up before June 24 and save $100. See more of the agenda here.

Predict & Manage Sales Success Using Smart Sales Analytics

Only 46 percent of sales reps believe their pipeline gives them an accurate picture of future business. Visualizing sales metrics is key to delivering pipeline, forecast, and revenue insight. Join Jim Crisera to learn how leading organizations predict and manage sales success using smart sales analytics. He’ll also demonstrate how to apply scorecards to align, motivate, and manage sales performance.

Jim Crisera, President, The TAS Group

Time: 9:15 am – 9:45 am

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