What Is Sales 2.0? (The Ultimate Definition)

At the March 2010 Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, Pam Hudadoff asked fellow attendees to define Sales 2.0 in one word. As you can see, the answers were all over the map (full list below the video).

Next generation

When you look at some definitions of Sales 2.0 from authors and thought leaders, three words appear consistently: efficient, effective, results.

In the beginning, as original Sales 2.0 Conference founder David Thompson has noted, people called Sales 2.0 a revolution, a movement, and a fundamental shift to a new way of doing business. But eventually we’ll see the day when sales and marketing professionals will simply take what we call Sales 2.0 for granted — much in the way we take tools like the telephone and email for granted. In a recent international webinar, 60% of participants already said they have a clear definition of what Sales 2.0 is.

That’s the thing about Sales 2.0 — the moment you start leveraging it, you don’t need a definition, because the improvements are so basic and dramatic. As The Funnelholic’s Craig Rosenberg put it in a great blog post after attending the March 2010 Sales 2.0 Conference:

Sales 2.0 painkillers are tools that remove some of the laborious parts of the sales process such as compensation reporting, reporting visibility, etc. Like real painkillers, the they’re addictive.  But unlike painkillers they won’t kill you. Instead they make life easier.

What is your experience with Sales 2.0? How close do you think we are to the day when we’ll accept it as a fact of life?

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6 Responses to What Is Sales 2.0? (The Ultimate Definition)

  1. It is hard to define Sales 2.0 in a dynamic environment. According to an informal survey, only 60% of sales executives have a clear understanding of Sales 2.0. We live in an era of rapid changes that are driven by the Internet which has become the computational platform for all human endeavors. Here is a definition I like: Sales 2.0 is the use of better sales practices enabled by technology to improve speed, collaboration, accountability, and customer engagement. There are a number of people who carry a “worry list” about Sales 2.0 such as:
    1. Selling is about people, not technology
    2. There are over 2,000 Sales 2.0 tools on the market, it’s hard to choose
    3. These tools are expensive, it’s hard to measure the ROI
    4. Information technology like social media often distracts people from doing real work
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