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About Sales 2.0 Events

The Sales 2.0 Conference is the leading event series devoted to helping executives in sales, sales operations, sales enablement, and marketing learn how to better leverage Sales 2.0 technologies and strategies to foster improved sales performance and results.

Attendees learn insight and best practices on topics that include the following:
  • Sales process improvement
  • Data, analytics, and metrics
  • Sales training, coaching, and development
  • Sales and marketing alignment
  • Social selling
  • Customer engagement and retention
  • Sales 2.0 technologies and emerging trends
  • Leadership, culture, and strategy

Featured Speaker: Trish Bertuzzi

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Upcoming Event

Sales 2.0 Conference, Philadelphia
The Evolution of Sales 3.0
November 14, 2016

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Prospecting: How to Help Salespeople Get Past Gatekeepers

Prospecting: How to Help Salespeople Get Past Gatekeepers

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"Once again, Sales 2.0 Conference did not disappoint. Looking forward to the next one."

– Manager, Sales Technology, Insperity
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