Do You Share Oracle’s Vision of “Predictive Analytics” for CRM?

Some great conversation about the potential of CRM is still percolating around the March 7-8 Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. In particular, we’re intrigued by questions generated by presentations from Justin Shriber, Regional Vice President of CRM On Demand at Oracle and Alex Dayon, Executive Vice President of CRM at Here’s the original question posed on by Roger Tung:

With many of our Focus Experts attending Sales 2.0 Conference this past week, the issue of which sales 2.0 solution came to fruition. A post (“Salesforce vs Oracle Battle of Titans at Sales 2.0 Conference“) by Focus expert David Thompson touched on the main differences between the two: Salesforce having incredible collaboration and social media reach, while Oracle had “predicative analytics” and a big vision.Which do you think wins the battle of best Sales 2.0 solution? Or is another CRM the way to go and why? What are your experiences with Salesforce and Oracle CRMs? Do you agree with David’s analysis? (Thoughts? Go here to add your two cents!)

Here’s the relevant excerpt from the post by David Thompson (who was an original Sales 2.0 Conference cofounder).

Oracle tantalized the audience with a subtler vision no other player has articulated, and given their size and scale of customer base, is quite serious.  Justin Schriber described a Sales 2.0 platform driven by “predictive analytics” for Sales.  His analogy was to Amazon’s recommendation engine.  “Imagine,” he said, “that a Sales guy could use CRM like Amazon’s users, knowing immediately not only everything a prospect has done in the past, but what he is likely to BUY in the immediate future”.  In other words, if the Sales and marketing (i.e transaction history + web) data is integrated enough, and then run through a powerful enough analytics engine across customers and prospects, the Sales 2.0 platform could spit out recommendations for not only the BUYER, and but also the SELLER.  Computer to Sales guy:  “Alert alert, the prospect on your web site now has a 60% likelihood to buy your product in the next 30 days, GO GET EM”.

We see from the agenda page on the Sales & Marketing Leadership Conference (organized by the team at Selling Power) that Justin Shriber will be elaborating again on this topic (see presentation description below). We think it’s worth a trip to Scottsdale on April 11 to learn more … and we hear that if you register by March 30, 2011 using code GGblog, you can get a special savings of $150 off the current rate.

Putting the Fan on the Field: A New Approach to Winning Over Your Customers
Over the past several decades, athletic franchises have successfully transformed spectator sports into mega-experiences that put the fan at the center of the action. In doing so, they’ve grown their audience base and discovered new and extremely lucrative sources of revenue. Now savvy companies are taking a page out of the play book of America’s most successful sports teams. Their effort to put the “fan on the field” represents a new and more sophisticated approach to customer interaction. And the results speak for themselves: heightened levels of customer loyalty, a stronger presence across social networks, faster growth, and an ability to capitalize on progressively larger opportunities. Join Justin Shriber, Oracle CRM Vice President, as he rolls footage of today’s winning companies and provides color commentary on the teams they are building and the plays they are running to take their game to the next level.

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