How to Become a High Priority to Your Prospect

By Christine Harrington

During my prospecting calls this week, I examined all the different touchpoints necessary to stay a priority in the prospect’s mind. I encourage you to do the same.

If you’re in sales, you have gaps. These gaps are the spaces and times between the initial prospecting call all the way to closing the sale. In these gaps you could be losing sales because you haven’t developed a clear strategy for becoming a high priority to the prospect.

These gaps are where trust and credibility are built – and where sales are won.

Say you’ve made the first contact with the prospect and she’s agreed to an appointment. The time between setting the appointment and going on the appointment is a gap.

When I ask my coaching clients what they’re doing during that gap, most say they do nothing! They just wait for the appointment. This is a wasted opportunity.

Think about your sales process. There are many gaps between the next steps – especially if you have a long sales cycle.

When you’re in these gaps – waiting for the next step, the next appointment, or to present, etc. – if you’re doing nothing, you are losing sales.

So what can you do to fill in the gap and remain a high priority to your prospect?

Here are a few ideas to start with.

#1: Send a handwritten note.

This morning, during a prospect phone call, he shared with me that he was in the process of sending out handwritten notes to his prospects!

Music to my ears! I told him I do the same thing. Instant rapport was built – we shared a common belief and the phone call ended by us taking the next natural step.

Handwritten notes are so rare these days that receiving one feels important, special. People remember the way you make them feel.

#2: Find a YouTube video or a podcast that will benefit the prospect. Send it to the prospect through a short email.

“I saw this and thought of you!”

Then give two short bullet points on how the podcast can benefit the prospect’s business.

#3: Make your own video on an idea you’d like to share that can help your prospect.

You have a video component on your smartphone…use it to deliver compelling information to help your prospect! It’s different and will capture your prospect’s attention.

Now, I’m not suggesting you bombard the prospect during the gaps…but don’t let it go longer than a week without a touchpoint.

Have a strategy to fill in the gaps with value-driven activity. It will position you as a valuable asset to your prospect. Instead of becoming a low priority, you’ll move up to a high priority – turning you into someone whose calls and emails the prospect will make a point to answer.

Christine Harrington is The Savvy Sales Lady. She is a facilitator for Peak Performance Mindset workshops and a personal sales coach who helps sales professionals develop and improve their sales performance.

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