How to Eliminate Chronic Negative Thoughts

By Christine Harrington

You’re about to learn a different perspective when it comes to attitude.

Stay with me. This isn’t another blog post about positive attitude. This is information based on real neuroscience research.

The fact is, attitude is not developed by a single thought. It’s developed by a cluster of thoughts glued together through repetition. This persistent repetition forms an attitude habit.

Your Attitude is Nothing More than a Habit

Thoughts are the communication of the mind. Feelings are the communication of the body. How you think and how you feel generate your current state. Every thought you have signals the body to produce a chemical with a corresponding feeling. So, if you get up in the morning dreading the day, your body will respond with a chemical to make you feel anxious.

Every day you repeat this (wake up, feel dread; wake up, feel dread) you’re reliving the past; and you stay stuck in the past.

If you get up in the morning feeling happy and grateful for another day, your body will produce a corresponding chemical so you’ll feel joy and gratitude for the opportunities that await you in this new day you’ve been given.

Every day you repeat this (wake up, feel joyful and grateful; wake up, feel joyful and grateful) you’re creating a present and a future of possibilities and unlimited thinking. You’re free to be in the present moment and create a bright and successful future.

It’s this cycle that your body begins to memorize better than your mind…your conscious mind. The constant repetition of this cycle (positive or negative thoughts) forms an attitude habit and, before you know it, your body takes over your mind.

Have you ever driven to the grocery store or any familiar location and, as your pull into the parking space, you don’t recall driving there? This is an example of your body taking over your mind.

Here’s another example. You awaken from a bad dream and you can’t stop thinking about it. All day long, you’re in a sour mood because the bad dream keeps haunting you.

Why Positive Thinking Might Not Be the Fix

You can declare that you want to be healthy – or you want to have your best month in sales – but, up until this point, you have conditioned your body for the exact opposite.

When your mind and body work in opposition, there will never be change. You can’t just repeat a positive affirmation over and over again and expect it to work, while you feel depressed or unhappy. Try smiling while having a negative thought! (Hard to do!)

Therefore, you must think at a higher level than you feel in your body.

How to Shift Your Mindset

The process replaces the habit of your chronic thoughts with better and more positive thoughts. When this is repeated over and over again, your body begins to memorize the new feeling.

This is why a morning ritual is so vital – it sets up you and your day for success.

Neuroscience refers to this process as pruning synaptic connections and creating new ones. Think of a flower garden. The flowers represent your memories of success, love, joy, and relationships. The weeds represent shame, guilt, and failure. And the rocks represent barriers to new growth and opportunities.

When you prune your synaptic connections, you’re removing the past negative memories – the weeds and rocks in your mind – and replacing them with new growth of flowers: which creates new synaptic connections.

Most people are hostage to their past thoughts. But you can break free from the bondage of automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) and restore your free will by changing your attitude habit.

This is an example of many mindset shifts I teach in Developing a Peak Performance Mindset, and it’s why Peak Performance Mindset is the missing link for you as a salesperson and for your sales team or business.  

Christine Harrington is The Savvy Sales Lady. She is a facilitator for Peak Performance Mindset workshops and a personal sales coach who helps sales professionals develop and improve their sales performance.

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