Increase Your Sales Revenue by 50 Percent or More

By Alice Heiman

At most companies I talk to, the leadership team wants enormous revenue growth. They don’t want to just grow by two percent, five percent, or even 10 percent. They want to increase by 25 percent, 30 percent, 50 percent or more. You have expectations for your team to deliver that growth. And that can be a heavy burden.

My philosophy behind helping teams capture market share and deliver the enormous growth needed to keep stakeholders happy comes down to mindset. Your mindset, not theirs. I believe you must develop yourself and grow your personal brand before you can expect your team to bring in the results. If you are emphasizing only training and development for your team then it’s probably not giving you the results you need. That’s because growth starts with you. Once you have the right mindset and a plan to improve yourself, you can move on to developing the team.

Here are some tips on how to improve yourself and your team to deliver exponential growth.

1. Develop Yourself and Your Personal Brand

How do you contribute to exponential growth as a sales leader? I know you want your sales teams out there, crushing their goals and making great sales. But, too often, sales leaders focus on how to develop their team and forget about improving themselves. True growth for your company and your team starts with you. To better yourself, you’ll need to examine and improve three key attributes: your mindset, skillset, and toolset.

You also need to develop your personal brand. You’re probably wondering what your personal brand has to do with your company’s growth. Well, everything! It matters internally and externally. Internally, are you the winning sales leader? Are you the one who can get it done? The one who everyone wants to work for, even though you are tough? Externally, do your customers know you as dependable? Are you the one they call to say thank you? Are you the one who receives compliments on your team? Your personal brand supports your team, brings in new business, and retains customers. To develop your brand, focus on these three big ideas:

Be Visible: Interact, Share

Set an example for your team by being visible online and in person – internally and externally. That means making sure your social profiles are up to date and useful. It means sharing your expertise by posting useful content. It means attending trade shows and networking events. Teach your team with your actions. Model the behavior you expect to see from them.

Be Available: Help, Converse

Being available doesn’t mean you must give up every minute of your life and have no boundaries. It means you need to be available – within certain given parameters – so your team can come to you when they need to. Your customers and prospects should also feel like you’re available to them.

Be a Connector: Introduce

Be a connector to the other people at your company. Help pave the path for your salespeople or smooth the way if needed. Be a connector to vendors. Be a connector to prospects and customers. When you know other individuals who have a lot of connections, you can help your salespeople become better connected. Developing your personal brand helps you connect.

2. Cultivate a Winning Mindset

Your mindset is the most important piece of this puzzle. While you will need to develop a strong skillset and toolset, those don’t matter if you don’t have the right mindset. To get in the right mindset, you need to take care of yourself and nurture a positive attitude. To do this, take some time for yourself every day to go for a walk, meditate, give out compliments freely, or unplug from your phone and devices. Maintaining a powerful and positive mindset is critical to get the exponential growth you need. You have to have a mindset that you can succeed before you can expect your team to think that way also.

3. Learn and Grow Your Skillset

Once you’ve got your mindset adjusted for success, you can learn and grow your skillset. To develop yourself as a leader, you need to ask yourself some questions. Do you have the skills you need? What are you doing to continue developing your leadership skills – especially your sales leadership skills?

According to my friend Mark Hunter, every great sales leader does these nine actions:

  • Demonstrates trust
  • Creates a motivating environment
  • Sets and communicates clear objectives and goals
  • Supports and empowers others
  • Commits to follow-through and completion
  • Listens attentively
  • Remains vision oriented
  • Fosters team environment
  • Focuses on people, not tasks

And I agree with him! Read each of these and ask yourself if you’re practicing them on a daily basis. Could you get better at it? How could you get better at it? Start to think about what you want to do to improve your skillset.

Alice Heiman is founder and CSO at Alice Heiman, LLC. Alice works with business owners to get consistent and sustainable sales growth – and has been helping companies increase sales for more than 20 years. She regularly emcees the Sales 3.0 Conference and is a certified Peak Performance Mindset trainer. Join her at the Sales 3.0 Conference in Philadelphia on December 4.

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