Learn How to Elevate Your Sales Game: July 18 and 19 in San Francisco

Tris Brown Sales 2.0 Conference

All leaders face challenges; but not too many people understand the particular challenges of sales leadership.

That’s why we make a point to invite real-world sales practitioners (and experts who work with actual sales leaders) as speakers at Sales 2.0 Conferences.

In a recent Q&A on the Selling Power Blog, one of our speakers (Oracle’s global vice president of customer experience, Dennis Michalis) shared a preview of some of the practices and tools he uses to create a high-performance sales team. Here are two essential elements he uses.

  1. Gamification. First, Michalis hires people who display a natural drive and motivation. Next, he keeps them hungry using gamification. However, he points out that gamification is a means to an end. “In sales organizations, it does what a fitness tracker does: it gives you a tap on the shoulder to say, ‘Hey, you haven’t gotten up and moved around in a while,'” he explains. “What’s even more important today is the need to learn from others. Through storytelling, I share competitive scenarios in which we prevailed, and let the drama of the pursuit unfold.
  2. A sales portal. Michalis uses Oracle Sales Cloud (no surprise) and says it helps keep the infrastructure simple for salespeople and customers. “It is our central nervous system and our brain in terms of giving us ready access to everything we need to know about our business.”

On July 18 and 19, Michalis will join sales leaders and experts who will share success stories and tips based on personal experience running a sales organization. Here are three sessions you won’t want to miss.

Elevate Your Sales Game: How I Am Building a High-Performance Culture
The sales game has changed: data, analytics, innovative coaching techniques, and new incentives are providing a competitive advantage. Building a winning sales team in this ‘New Performance Culture’ is no small feat – even at enterprise technology companies that are well equipped to compete. Hear how one sales leader is building discipline and consistency and gaining insights from activity to overcome obstacles, improve productivity, foster collaboration, mentor rising stars, and build a high-performance sales team.
Speaker: Dennis Michalis, Group Vice President, Oracle Customer Experience, Oracle

How to Create a “Victory Plan” that Drives Peak Performance
John Turner, Senior Vice President of Sales for TriNet, will share his process for creating a “Victory Plan” that engages salespeople and sales leaders in a quest to grow sales and profits through a disciplined, metrics-driven Championship Organization. John will share the process, the strategies, the underlying psychology, and the financial and psychological reward system that leads to peak performance.
Speaker: John Turner, Senior Vice President, Sales, TriNet

Maximizing Sales Performance: Recognizing the 15 Warning Signs that Your Sales Team Is Headed in the Wrong Direction
Based upon LSA Global‘s research of 410 companies across eight industries, we know that highly aligned companies grow 58 percent faster and are 72 percent more profitable. Neither sales talent, nor sales culture, nor sales strategy alone will produce consistent and extraordinary sales growth. Sales forces that get it right grow faster. Those that get it wrong struggle to compete.
This thought-provoking session will help you:

  • Determine if your sales strategy is clear enough to create sales growth
  • Identify if you have a high-performance sales culture – with the sales DNA to succeed when it matters most
  • Attract, develop, and retain differentiated and customer-centric sales talent
  • Avoid the 15 warning signs of an underperforming sales team

Laurie Sewell, CEO of Servicon Systems, will share how LSA’s organizational alignment methodology helped her improve goal clarity by 45 percent and increase sales-process effectiveness by 43 percent to drive growth.
Tris Brown, Chairman & CEO, LSA Global
Laurie Sewell, President & CEO, Servicon Systems

Join us at the Sales 2.0 Conference on July 18 and 19 at Hotel Nikko in San Francisco! Register now.

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