How to Prepare Your Sales Team for Success in 2018

We all know innovation creates a bridge between the old and new ways of running your business to better serve your customers. Digital transformation demands that your sales team adapts so it can stay relevant in a rapidly changing marketplace. Both challenges require clarity of vision, the courage to change, and leadership that is driven to learn and collaborate.

Here are some of the speakers who have agreed to join us in San Francisco on March 12-13. (You can also see the full two-day agenda as we continue to add speakers.) Come learn and network with us, and prepare your sales organization for success in 2018!

The Four Pillars of an Effective Coaching and Training Program

Speaker: Shari Levitin, Professional Speaker, Author of Heart and Sell, and CEO of Shari Levitin Group | @sharilevitin

Tony attends a five-day training course. He’s pumped. He returns to the office with new ideas, increased energy, and 10 pages of notes. The problem? He forgets 90 percent of what he’s learned and can’t apply classroom knowledge to live customers.

Does your training fall on deaf ears? Research confirms 87 percent of traditional sales training doesn’t stick. In this session you’ll learn the four pillars required for a results-producing training and mentoring program as well as how to

  • Reduce the time and effort it takes to develop your training program, while increasing its effectiveness through the use of facilitated learning
  • Leverage scientifically proven methods to increase your sales and decrease turnover
  • Incorporate virtual learning, games, and interactivity to put the fun back in your sales meetings
  • Give your trainers tools to incorporate the four pillars and increase retention
  • Offer breakthrough tips for one-on-one coaching and mentoring to get the most out of each employee

Retrain Your Brain: The Power of You, Your Thoughts, and Your Actions

Speaker: Jessica Rector, Thought Leader, Keynote Speaker and #1 Best-Selling Author, jessICAREctor International | @jessicarector

How much do you think about what you think about? You spend more time figuring out what to watch on TV or what’s for dinner. It’s a pattern and a habit developed where your thoughts either help or hinder your actions. How are you using your thoughts to help or hurt your team and leadership? In this session, Jessica Rector will share how to retrain your brain and turn your negative thoughts into positive action that will improve morale, increase sales, and help you build a stronger sales team.

You will also learn how to

  • Implement the power of authenticity to create trust and open dialogue
  • Build stronger client, peer, and team relationships
  • Change your inner dialogue and actions to engage in strategic conversations to increase leads and connections
  • Develop a new blueprint for exceptional influence
  • Leave knowing “I can do this” with easy, proven steps you can implement immediately

A Crash Course in Winning Negotiation Tactics for Your Sales Team

Speaker: Jeff Cochran, Partner, Shapiro Negotiations | @SNINegotiations

Your salespeople are under increasing pressure to quickly establish credibility, build lasting business relationships, and produce results. To address these challenges and changing needs, you must provide your reps with the specific habits and tools they need to impact the bottom line. Finding these innovative tools and implementing them in the face of fierce competition are not easy tasks. In this session, you will be introduced to a systematic process that will allow your sales team to become more effective and drastically improve its execution. You will get an overview of SNI’s systematic process – 3Ps (Prepare, Probe, and Propose) – that is critical to sales and negotiation success.

The Human Side of Selling with Second City Works

Facilitators: Colleen Murray, Design Facilitator, Ensemble Member, Second City Works
Tyler Dean Kempf, Facilitator, Second City Works @secondcityworks

Sales is an act of improvisation. It’s no longer business to business; it’s human to human. Customers value how a salesperson interacts and communicates with them more than product knowledge or PowerPoint® skills. The critical skills that can make a difference in how you sell – listening, empathy, storytelling, and thinking on your feet – are things we can all probably do, yet we don’t have opportunities to practice them. Creating a time and place for practicing the human side of selling is what we do!

Join the team at Second City Works – the innovative business solutions arm of the world-famous Second City comedy theatre – in an interactive workshop designed to introduce the human side of selling through improvisation and its connection to solving common business challenges. Building on the tenets of improvisation, you’ll walk away with valuable lessons on the transformative power of using the same skills we’ve been teaching actors for 60 years, communicating more effectively, and using comedy and improv to navigate the ever-evolving business climate.

Crack the Code to Sales Growth with a Winning Sales Enablement Strategy

Speaker: Elay Cohen, CEO and Co-Founder, SalesHood | @elaycohen

Please join Elay Cohen – CEO of SalesHood and the former Senior Vice President at Salesforce – as he reveals the hyper-growth sales strategies that made Salesforce the global industry leader. Discover how Elay’s sales enablement best practices and adaptive processes create an unstoppable sales force. This proven blueprint to successful sales enablement can help your sales organization reach the highest level of success.

What Every Sales Leader Must Know about the Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Salesperson

Speakers: Chris Beall, CEO, ConnectAndSell | @chris8649

Bruce Lewolt, CEO and Co-founder, BrainX and | @BruceLewolt

It’s a fact: A salesperson using AI can produce what it takes three salespeople without AI to accomplish. In this session, you’ll discover how AI can give your sales team this significant edge by

  • Connecting your reps to prospects at a rate of four to six an hour
  • Building an ideal cold-calling script for each prospect, including the correct tone to use
  • Listening in on cold calls and providing effective coaching without any judgment
  • Determining each prospect’s personality, then designing a tailored selling strategy
  • Using that strategy to build the ideal presentation deck for the presenting salesperson
  • Doing the tedious work salespeople hate, so they can spend more time selling

Because AI is smart and adaptive, it is far easier to implement than traditional sales-enablement systems. Attend this session to learn how to lead your team to a bright future where AI makes selling more productive and much more fun.

Training 3.0: Driving Profitable Terms of Trade in the Cognitive Era

Speaker: David Bauders, Founder and CEO, Strategic Pricing Associates

Increasingly, decisions are being informed and even made by machines armed with sophisticated deep learning capabilities. In a world where Amazon sells more than $100 billion per year without a sales rep, we must ask ourselves: What does the future hold for sales professionals? The answer lies in focusing training efforts so they maximize the development of the unique human performance traits machines lack. That is a new paradigm, and it will require an innovative approach to sales training – a Training 3.0 approach. Training 3.0 deploys a radically different learning paradigm that is quick, experiential, engaging, and uses daily-drip learning with built-in retention characteristics. Training 3.0 incorporates performance metrics that ensure a true and enduring ROI. High in social and entertainment value, the content is binge-worthy and is as ubiquitous on reps’ phones as their favorite apps. Coupled with a focus on negotiation/value capture, Training 3.0 will transform your company’s long-term growth rate, profitability, and employee performance. Join us for this session and you will learn how to leverage Training 3.0 so you can maximize growth, profitability, and customer relationships.

How Sales Enablement Leaders Prepare Sales Organizations for Exceeding Sales Goals

Moderator: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and CEO, Selling Power | @gerhard20

Panelists: Tony Rodoni, EVP Commercial Sales,

Marvin Spears, VP Commercial Excellence, Wells Fargo, Capital Finance

Carol Sustala, VP Sales Productivity, Trinet

Laura Welch, Sr. Director Sales and Channel Enablement, Polycom

The profession of sales enablement is rapidly growing. Learn from sales enablement professionals who help world-class companies accelerate sales. Get an insider’s perspective and discover

  • How to create and distribute sales content efficiently
  • Best practices for onboarding salespeople
  • Which metrics help salespeople become more successful
  • How to select and integrate the best technology with the best sales process

Leadership in the Age of Digital Transformation

Speaker: Keith Krach, Chairman, DocuSign | @KeithJKrach

Keith Krach, the Chairman of DocuSign, has assumed many leadership roles over his career. He led Ariba from a startup to a $4.3 billion company. He has served on boards such as XOJets and Angie’s List, and was also Chairman of the Purdue University Board of Trustees. He served as President of the Sigma Chi Fraternity and led many charitable initiatives, such as building homes in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. In this session, Keith will offer his perspective of how sales leaders can be at the leading edge of the new wave of digital transformation – with a clear focus on high performance and high human values.

Relationship Status: It’s Complicated…

Speaker: Jim Hooker, President and CEO, Televerde | @HookerJimh

In sales, you need to be likeable and provide value and guidance to develop relationships with your customers to drive revenue. Whether you follow the SPIN, SNAP, or Challenger sales method, the ultimate goal is to build a trusted relationship with your clients. But how do you get from introduction to guide? There’s no roadmap to trust. Join Gerhard Gschwandtner and Televerde CEO, Jim Hooker, as they speak candidly about the ingredients of a trusted relationship and the pathway to establish an element of trust with your clients.

We hope you can join us March 12-13 in San Francisco for this terrific event. Go to for more details and registration info.

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