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Mastering the Art and Science of the Sales Conversation

All great salespeople develop a talent for winning sales conversations. How can you tell when you’ve mastered this skill? To start, look at what you’ve gained (or lost) at the end of the exchange with the prospect or customer. The … Continue reading

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Sales 2.0 Solution: How Many Cold Calls Can You Make in One Day?

When revenue depends on how many calls a sales rep can make in a day, time is money. Anyone who saw The Pursuit of Happyness might remember how the main character, Chris Gardner, worked desperately to squeeze extra minutes and … Continue reading

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Technology & Cold Calling: A Sales 2.0 Story

When you give a Sales 2.0 tool like ConnectAndSell to a rep who can’t think on his or her feet, you quickly separate the A players from the rest of the pack. Said Gerhard Gschwandtner during this Boston Sales 2.0 … Continue reading

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