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11 Surprising Things You Can Do to Increase Your Sales

By Alice Heiman What really separates great salespeople from the rest? Is it their knowledge, their training, their personality? I believe it is their mindset. According to Carol Dweck, a leading authority on mindset, “In a fixed mindset, students believe … Continue reading

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Are Salespeople Lazy? Insider Notes from the Sales 2.0 Speakers Dinner

Last night a group of B2B sales leaders who will speak at today’s Sales 2.0 Conference in Boston gathered for our traditional pre-game Speakers Dinner. During the course of the conversation, one sales leader stated, “I believe salespeople are lazy.” This … Continue reading

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A Simple Way to Reward Reps for Winning Deals

Do your sales reps know what they’ll be paid on the huge deals they closed yesterday, or last week, or last month? Sales leaders need to help reps know what they’ll be bringing home. They need to know it so they can plan their lives. They also need to know it so they can feel like winners. Continue reading

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